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Aleksandar (19) makes 600 euros per month from playing violin. He bought a car for himself from tips, but he won't stop there (PHOTO)

Aleksandar fell in love with violin since he was a child, although he realized early that he can't live from classical music, he continued to play. How he is making 600 euros in tips on weddings and birthdays, and he loves playing old folk songs "It's nice when someone loves you" and "Sumadija, Sumadija"

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In the town of Moravci near Ljig, the locals worship violin, music, and joy. Every year, from 25 to 27 August, there is a "Serbian Violin Festival", so all those who play the violin or have the talent for it can prove themselves here and earn serious money in the future. Nineteen-year-old Aleksandar Simic did just that.

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He won the first place for two consecutive years on this manifestation and he began playing violin when he was 10 years old.

He finished a lower music school, but he is aware of the fact that classical music is not something you can live on in Serbia. So he decided to go for crafts. He graduated for Excavator Machinist, but his love for violin didn't stop him from playing on each wedding and celebration.

Little by little, orchestras started noticing Aleksandar, so he is now working on the weekends and he makes from 500 to 600 euros, He works all day long, on weddings and birthdays mostly, but he can't wait for next job when he counts the money in the evening.

- I always loved the violin, people here really love to dance and song, and that love was in me since I was little. I didn't inherit my talent from anybody, no one is a musician in the family, and I already have three violins now. I play mostly old folk songs, and my favorites are "Sumadija, Sumadija", and "It's nice when someone loves you". I got my first tip when I was 12, I can't remember how much was it, but later I would get more and more. The fact that I could buy myself a car with the tips shows how well you can earn in this job - said the young Aleksandar for Telegraf.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

He adds that although he can live from tips the entire month, he has to invest a lot of work and effort in every job to succeed.

- I am making 500-600 euros per month, but serious violinists who are in a strong orchestra can make up to 2.000 or 3.000 euros per month. I remember getting 600 on a fair from one guest. That is the most money I received for a one night, I am proud of that. Serious players can get up to 30.000 euros per year from their job - said Aleksandar for Telegraf.

He has no plans for the future in the moment, he will continue playing the violin as a hobby.

Since he is a backhoe driver, Aleksandar plans to get the money he makes from playing violin into buying two backhoes which will he later rent.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Musicians are not just lucky with money, but also with women. So Aleksandar, although very young, can boast with a lot of girls he won by playing the violin into their ear.

- I can say that girls just adore musicians. There are a lot of friends from childhood, but I can boast with lots of girls. They prefer dancing with the kolo, and everything is going easy after that - this young violinist finishes his story with a smile.

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