A storm roared through Serbia: Strong wind ripped out the trees, water and hail paralyzed cities (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The damage is yet to be determined

A great storm has hit Serbia! There is a total collapse in Prokuplje. Strong wind is tearing down the trees, and the traffic is almost impossible. The worst was the hail, considering that the fair was overcrowded with people.

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- It became dark all of the sudden and it started blowing, the car in front of me was almost smashed by the tree which fell in the middle of the road. I have been trying to drive through this section of 200 meters in the past 10 minutes - said one man from Prokuplje.

The damage is yet to be determined.

Foto: Telegraf

After two days of temperatures above average for this time of year, a cold weather is arriving in Serbia

The storm began suddenly in Kragujevac, and the wind was so strong that people immediately got away off the streets.

The wind that rampaged through Nish has caught the caterers unprepared in the center of the city, so the umbrellas from the cafes ended up in the streets.

Foto: Telegraf

After a maximum temperature of 34 degrees, meteorologists have predicted thunderstorms in the night, first in the west, southwest, and south, and in other parts of the country during the night.

The storm started close to Belgrade, in the Ugrinovci suburb, where the water rose knee high. 

The situation was not better in Novi Pazar. Great rainfall struck the city, and the people ran over the streets to find some cover from the hail that started falling around 20:00h. 

The traffic was normal, and according to the meteorologists, strong rainfall could be expected and it can affect the safety in traffic, announced Auto Moto Association of Serbia.

According to the Border Police Directorate, people are not staying more than 20 minutes at border crossings.


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