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MIRACLE IN SERBIA: Doctors started the surgery on her appendix, but when they made the cut, they saw the WORLD PHENOMENON!

The doctors found it suspicious immediately why the patient complained of the pain on the left side of her stomach, who had symptoms of appendicitis

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Incredible case in General Hospital in Bor

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The staff of this healthcare facility met the patient most of the surgeons never get to see in their medical career. 

Woman (40) was admitted to hospital who complained about the pain on the left side of her stomach which is similar to the symptoms of appendicitis. 

The doctors found it suspicious immediately why the patient complained of the pain on the left side of her stomach when the appendix is on the right side of the stomach. 

The doctors were stunned after the examination. 

It turned out that they are seeing the medical phenomenon - instead of the right side, the appendix was on the opposite side.

This case is named "situs inversus", where all inner organs are replaced on opposite sides than usual, like watching the mirror. 

It was determined that she is the part of the group of 0.01 % of the people in the world who have "situs inversus". 

Ilustracija: Profimedia/Oredia

The patient was immediately operated, and during the intervention, the appendix was removed from the left side of the abdomen. She is successfully recovering.

Surgeon Moma Jakovljevic, assistant director of the Clinical Center "Dr Dragisa Misovic" explains to Telegraf.rs that this is a congenital disorder characterized organs being turned to the opposite side, which means that all of the patient's organs are placed on the opposite side where they were supposed to be.

- Situs inversus is a medical phenomenon that occurs once in a million people. The stomach seems to have been turned upside, like when looking at the mirror. It is a natural rarity, where all organs are healthy, but everything in the stomach should be left to the right - explains Jakovljevic.

In 35 years of career, Jakovljevic said that he saw one case like this.

- The patient had pain on the left side. We didn't know what was going on so we opened them and determined that his spleen was on the right side instead of the left side, and liver left, instead of right. I saw this case only once, and some surgeons never get to see it.

According to him, the surgeries on these kinds of patients are not dangerous, except the pain in the other side can fool you. The diagnostics advanced a lot in today's time, and you can see anything with ultrasound.

(Telegraf.co.uk / R.R.)

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