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Inja is a police officers and criminals are afraid of her, Jadran is a bodybuilder and he works in a kindergarten: Together they have 220 kg and spend 1.200 euros per month on food (PHOTO)

They openly admit that they spend 1.200 euros on food, and other bills keep piling up

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An unusual couple from Knin constantly attracts the attention of the people wherever they shop up. They are Jadran Damjanovic and his wife Inja Damjanovic, who have been in love for years and they do bodybuilding in their spare time. 

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Each of them have good jobs and they are dedicated to them during the day, but it's their real enjoyment when they practice together in their gym in Knin in the evening. They dedicate each free moment to their son Lars.

Family and every day  

Jadran was born in Sarajevo in 1979, he works in a kindergarten as a computer operator. He has more than an impressive appearance since he is 190cm tall and weights between 140 and 150 kilos. His wife Inja was born in 1982 in Karlovac. She works as a police officer and she wakes fear in the eyes of criminals in Knin. She is 168cm tall and has 72 kilos, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

They openly admit that they spend 1.200 euros on food, and other bills keep piling up.

Jadran is into bodybuilding since he was in high school 1994, and he has been participating in competitions since 2005. Inja has been doing this for 20 years and she has a great passion for this type of sport

Their workday usually starts very early, because their three and a half-year-old son wakes up at that time. They have breakfast together, they prepare the son for the kindergarten, and then they go to work. Inja likes cooking after work but also taking walks with their son. She is dedicating evenings to her husband, and sometimes she goes to the gym to train.

Bodybuilding as a sport

Since bodybuilding makes a great part of their life, they intend on doing it as long as they feel the need for it, and Inja thinks that she will do all exercises until she is 70 so she will have a nice skin. 

Their training is different. Inja trains four times a week for one and a half hour, Jadran trains six times a week at most from 45 minutes to 3 hours. They allow themselves a day or two or fest so they can gather up the strength for new results.

Inja lifts 110 kg from bench press, while Jadran lifts 275 kg. When it comes to lifting weights from the floor, Jadran can do at most three series with 290 kg, and Inja can lift 150 kg.

They both believe that bodybuilding is still stigmatized and that things are changing lately.

They attract attention 

They always attract attention wherever they show up, and the comments of people differ from the situation.

- Here is a little anecdote that happens when Jadran and I walk during the summer. Jadran is going through the crowd with his 193 cm and around 140 kg of pure muscle to make way for us, and I am going right behind him, nobody sees me... And then people keep moving away saying: "Wooow... look at the size of that guy, he is enormous!", and then they say: "Oooh... look at her!!! what a babe!". 

Here is another genius one. Jadran and I are driving. We just joined the traffic and we cut off a truck in that moment. There is some standstill and the truck driver, big guy, gets out of the truck angerly and goes toward our car, and waves his hands around. Jadran got out in the same moment and the driver was shocked in the moment, he quickly smiled and offered a hand to Jadran and he said: "Oh you are also going to that direction, I am so glad!".

We have multiple stories. The procedure is always the same, some angry driver gets out of the car, rushes towards us, Jadran says "not again", exits the car. The final lines are just different, for example: "I just wanted to tell you that this was a road to Sibenik" - said Inja for Slobodna Dalmacija.

Jadran says that he doesn't like imprudence and that there are a lot of people like that. He said that he likes it more and more when people want to take pictures with him.

You can see more of their pictures HERE.


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