I am a Serb nationalist, they told me that the authorities in Montenegro should be taken down: Sindjelic spoke at the trial of the terrorist attempt on the election day

Sindjelic declared himself as a nationalist and he considers that there should be no borders between Serbia, Montenegro, and Republika Srpska

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A trial was continued today in the High Court in Podgorica for the attempt of terrorism, on October 16th last year in Montenegro, by hearing the witness of the associate Aleksandar Sindjelic, who said that certain Edi, who he met in Russia and who helped his organization, said that the authorities in Montenegro should be taken down.

Interpol has issued a red arrest warrant for Ivica Todoric!

Sindjelic said that Edi told him the Democratic Front is helping them (opposition) and that no one should know about that.

- Because of the stealing and because that is a mafia who is in power, the Democratic front is afraid that people will be beaten again like people on the streets in 2015. Edi said that he has a special team paid for that - said Sindjelic, reports the portal CdM.

They told him about a plan in a building, where they took him to have a polygraph test. They asked him if he wants to participate in that.

- I knew that there is an option. First, I was against the authorities like I am now. I am a Serbian nationalist - said Sindjelic.

Edi told him that new elections should be in Montenegro, and what is happening there.

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- He said that they can't win the elections because Milo is constantly stealing the elections. I answered him that Milo can't rule for thirty years without stealing, he added that they already invested a lot of money for the campaign. If the opposition doesn't win the elections in Montenegro, they will enter NATO as soon as the new assembly is formed. Since I don't like NATO who bombed our country, I told them I will help them. Edi said that the candidates of DF are carrying the entire opposition - said Sindjelic.

Sindjelic declared himself as a nationalist and he considers that there should be no borders between Serbia, Montenegro, and Republika Srpska. He explained that his birth name is Aleksandar, but his actual name is Sasa Sindjelic.

He confirmed to everyone that he is famous as a leader of Serbian wolves and that there was an idea to register it as an Association.  

He said that he has been multiple times to Russia, where he met the certain "Edi" who tried to help "his organization". 

Foto: Fabcebook

Yesterday's hearing was interrupted after the Defense attorneys requested the withdrawal of the president of the trial chamber, the Higher and Appellate Court, Suzana Mugosa, Boris Savic and Musika Dujovic. They formerly pleaded as not guilty: Bratislav Dikic, Milos Jovanovic, Srboljub Djordjevic, Kristina Hristic, Branka Milic, Milan Dusic, Mihailo Cadjenovic, Dragan Maksic, Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezevic.

The indictment of the Special Prosecution includes two Russian citizens, Eduard Shishmakov and Vladimir Popov, as well as Serbian citizens Nemanja Ristic and Predrag Bogicevic.

The indictment also includes the leaders of the Democratic Front (DF), Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezevic, while the procedure against DF interpreter Anani Nikic is conducted separately.


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