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I had four surgeries because of cancer, and I told my family I was going on a tour... The saddest confession of Serbian singer about the greatest fight of her life

- The most painful moment happened in last February, when I lost my mother - said the singer

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The famous Serbian singer Mira Skoric experienced great stress a few years ago, and after that, she discovered that she has cancer. However, that was a very painful subject for her and she rarely mentioned that, which is normal.

A dramatic discovery about cancer by one of the most famous doctors from Cuba: A great disaster is upon us! (PHOTO)

However, she spoke about everything now, how was she fighting and how she managed to win over the sinister disease, because of which she had 4 surgeries.

- I am an example of a person who doesn't care about her health. I went to the doctor pretty late. And even now when I remember that I don't feel so well. It is true that I had four surgeries. I never spoke about that, and now I decided to speak about it, if its possible, to awaken the consciousness in other people not do to the same mistakes I did and to take care about their health - Mira starts her confession and reveals after what symptoms she went to the doctor.

- I felt exhausted and I had a feverish temperature. I should've reacted sooner, but unfortunately, I didn't pay attention in time. I was working with high temperature, 37.2. I was singing for hours and days and I would get more fatigued and weaker. My immunity dropped and I reacted when my lymph node popped out on my neck above the clavicle, and I reacted. That was the main sign that something was wrong. I immediately went to professors Radan Dzodic on the at the Institute for Oncology and Radiology, Ivan Markovic, and Neven Jokic - Mira recalls and she will never forget the moment when the doctor told her that she has cancer.

- I was in a state of total shock and disbelief. Doctor Dzodic told me the cruel truth that I didn't want to accept. I kept saying to myself that it's not possible. From that moment, I have decided to put my health in the first place and to change my life from the roots. When expects performed all detailed analysis, there was the first surgery - said the singer and describes that the procedure was demanding because cancer has grown a lot.

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

- The surgery lasted for full six hours. I had cancer in the metastasis. Believe me, I wasn't afraid of my life because I didn't want to accept the sickness. And the surgery was done and then the controls followed. When I did the biopsy again, the results weren't good. At one moment I started laughing. I've decided to hide the treatment from my family. Whenever I was at the institute, I would tell them I was on a tour. My sister Biljana was the only one who knew and who was with me the entire time. Our late mother Milka doubted that something is wrong, so she called me few times a day. I would answer from the shock room and I would say that everything was great, but actually, nothing was ok - said the singer.

Since she didn't want to speak about her sickness, very few people knew what was really going on. But, besides family, a few colleagues were with her the entire time. 

- My godmother Ana Bekuta was with me day and night. She didn't want to leave me alone for a moment. She endured the hell with me and I owe my gratitude to Sasa Popovic, Lepa Brena, Dragana Mirkovic and Snezana Djurisic, who were with me in the most difficult parts of my life. Than them for everything and I will never forget it. Those are my friends for life, and I wasn't disappointed in others because I didn't want anyone to talk about my problem - said Mira.

Little ones who were in the department for children in the institute gave her strength. When they found out that they are sharing the same fate, they visited her each day.

- The most beautiful moment, if you can call it that way, was when children came to visit me, the patients of the same hospital. They are greatly responsible for my good mood. Those children with that sickness are the greatest fighters. That is why I was deeply shaken when I recently visited Oncology and when I spent some time with the children who are going through that agony. It was the most beautiful, and the saddest moment for me, because, I want them to become healthy from the bottom of my soul so they can be with their families - said Mira.

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

- We should check our blood analysis twice a year. That is mandatory. The stress is the worst trigger and that is why we should avoid any situation that can bring us to that state. I am sure that everything starts with stress. I am eternally grateful to professors Dzodic, Markovic and Jokic, and Vera Vojinovic, who save thousands of lives every day, and we should appreciate those kinds of people in our country - stresses the singer.

Nine months ago, she had another great stress.

- The most painful moment happened in last February when I lost my mother. No matter how old is somebody, I am 47 now, it is hard to deal with a loss of a parent. That pain will never stop. I know that my mother gave me all this strength and energy I have now and that she is watching over me from somewhere. She will be in my thoughts and in my heart, forever - describes Mira and reveals that there is something more which makes her especially sad when she remembers her mother.

I regret not telling her that I love her the most in the entire world because I was somehow always more fond of the father. While doctors reanimated her,  fighting for her life, I thought that I will never manage to be big and brave to say goodbye to her. That is when I realized that I am actually small and that I am losing half of my heart, half of me. I am still here today, but my thoughts are with her. I am dreaming about her quite often, pretty as she was, smiling. Then I wake up happy because every way of contact with her means a lot to me. I don't know how could I survive if my daughter Milica wasn't there with me, like my nephew Danilo. They are my guardian angels, and next to my father and my sister, they are my only fortune and everything I have - said Mira.

Foto: Instagram

- I would do anything for my daughter. I am proud because she is making her way in life in a right way as a student of medicine in her third year - concluded Mira for "Glossy".


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