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Son, do you know how a champion is made? Amazing graffiti appeared in Belgrade (PHOTO)

Miljakovac suburb was awesome once again

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A graffiti appeared in the famous Belgrade suburb, inspired by the movie "Sky Hook" (Nebeska Udica), which shows Serbia in the hardest days of wartime and how persistent it was about this sport. The graffiti was dedicated to the victims of NATO bombing in that period of 1999.

Belgrade is more decorated than last year: Decorative lighting on many more locations and citizens are thrilled (PHOTO)

The graffiti shows Zecelj bridge in Novi Sad besides the motive of Belgrade.

The famous line from the movie is: "Son, do you know how a champion is made? By going out on the court and winning". 

The point of this graffiti is that we all remember that period all too well, and we will never forget it. 

That is precisely what is written on a building in Miljakovac, in front of the legendary court the people of the area set for their children. The graffiti shows bombs, a panorama of Belgrade, a basketball court, a player, and children running around the playground.

Foto: Telegraf.rs

This court was chosen to be the "home" of this powerful graffiti, because it is important for children to know what happened, not to forget, to be aware of what we survived those years.

Miljakovac suburb is a well-known area where they celebrate as one the successes of our national team and orthodox holidays. They fire a large number of fireworks.

You can't see this kind of initiative very often in today's society where everybody is chasing some of their problems.

Watch a part of the movie "Sky Hook": 


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