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THE GREAT YUGOSLAV SECRET: Europe was offering billions to us, but our country fell apart and they started a war (VIDEO)

The end of 1990. European three on the one side of the table, Jacques Poos, Hans van den Bruck and Jacques Delors, on the other side our six vibrant little presidents of future banana-republics. They offer an immediate EU membership and $ 5.5 billion as an investment injection, they want to bribe us to be reasonable and to do what is good for us. But our people have a better idea: to be complete ******

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The European three - then composed of Luxembourg's Foreign Minister Jacques Poos as the Chair of the Council of Ministers of the European Union (only a few years later, it will become the European Union), followed by its Dutch counterpart Hans van den Bruck and European Commission President Jacques Delors - came to Yugoslavia in late 1990 with the aim of bringing us a "rude" offer that even the greatest madman could not refuse.

The new US strategy for the Balkans has 3 KEY POINTS: Serbia is mentioned in two of them

The three on one side of the table, the six presidents of Yugoslav states on the other. Poos gives the word to Delors, as the author of the plan and proposals of the European Community, to explain this to them what they are willing to do and to give, only if we agree to stay in some form of community, like Yugoslavia. So, to understand what is happening at that moment: they want to bribe us to do what is good for us.

Delors says: The EC is ready to immediately recognize the associated membership of Yugoslavia in the EC with a political decision; Second, a $ 5.5 billion program is ready to serve as a financial injection for the successful extension of the Ante Markovic government program; then there are more than a dozen points of the offer, "all in all, very favorable".

All of this is revealed many years later by Kiro Gligorov, the late President of Macedonia, in an interview which you can watch at the end of the video. He attended the meeting as a president of the Federal Unit.

Foto: Profimedia/AFP

We are all living the consequences of what happened to this day: From Slovenia (which would be probably even better within Yugoslavia today) to Macedonia (which would have it much easier than it is now); we don't even have to talk about Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia where the wars took place, where ethnic cleansings happened, mass destructions.

Namely, all the presidents were quiet at first, and then they started dismissing the offer, one by one.

Tudjman said that he can't give up the idea for any kind of money that is currently feeding the Croatian people, to restore the Croatian state after thousand years (as the saying goes: "eat ideas, my people, eat ideas"); Milosevic said that he wants either full and complete federation or nothing (its unknown who was crazier from the two and who was in more lose touch with reality, life, world, or the time we live in); Izetbegovic, pretty calmly, said that they can't go without Belgrade and Zagreb, because three people live in Bosnia and Herzegovina but, if the solution can be found for cooperation if they can remain separate entity; the other said nothing.

Foto: Tanjug/AP

The three, after consultations, begin to hold one-hour talks with each president separately, all this takes a very long time, but the envoys from Brussels finally conclude that there are no consents, that they are sorry for our rejection, and "what happens now, we will see". 

We saw. 

It is a shame that they didn't propose all the details of the offers to the citizens and why not asking the citizens for their opinion. Most of the citizens of the Republic wanted Yugoslavia to survive, and only a handful of fanatics hoped for war and they successfully manipulated the masses and used the circumstances to plant the seed of destruction and hate which is still being used to this day.

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