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A baby was infected with HIV during surgery: The child is 15 years old today and the parents told him that he is suffering from a terrible virus

The child received HIV infection during a heart surgery because he had to get a blood transfusion

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The case of the newly born baby from Montenegro, who was infected with HIV via blood transfusion, is the most drastic example of transmission of infectious diseases in this way. Today, the baby is a 15-year-old boy who can live normally with adequate therapy.

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It was found out that the patients received infected blood in 2004, two years after the incident. It was subsequently found that a child received erythrocytes of the infected person, thrombocyte a patient who was at the Clinical Center of Serbia on a heart surgery, and frozen fresh plasma went to the third person, whose identity was not determined at the time. 

The child received HIV infection during a heart surgery because he had to get a blood transfusion, and the parents found out about that 2 years later when his health got worse.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/BSIP

A year after the heart surgery the child wasn't feeling well. Doctors of various expertise examined him and they couldn't figure it out. At the end, the parents asked for help in the Institute for mother and child, when a cardiologist discovered that the child was infected with HIV.

Both parents were tested and it was determined that they weren't infected, and it was then suspected that the baby got infected with blood transfusion.

The baby is a 15-year-old boy now, living in Montenegro. His health is stable, normal, and he is going to school and he is friends with his peers. Thanks to the antiviral drugs, he reacted in the best way possible since the start of the treatment.

The children with HIV can live normally thanks to the effective combination therapy, which suppresses the HIV virus to immeasurable values.

They can't extract the virus out of the body, but it is possible to significantly suppress it. Antiretroviral therapy the boy is receiving is a combination of drugs that block the virus so it can't multiply.

Foto: Foter/Flickr/USACE Europe District, Ice Blade

Considering that the country accepted the mistake, the boy was provided with the treatment at their expense.

He is being treated in Serbia, he is going for checks on the Institute for Mother and Child, and he is receiving therapy at the Institute of Infectious Diseases of the Clinical Center of Serbia.

The parents explained to the boy that he has HIV a year ago and told him how he was infected.

Although he lives like his peers now, it wasn't so great in the past. His family met various negative situations because he was infected with HIV.

When he was going to the kindergarten, the parents of other children he was in a group with asked for him to sign out, but thanks to the education from the officials, the child remained in the kindergarten.

As an epilogue of the entire story, it was found out that three patients were infected with HIV via blood transfusion. The director at the time, Dr. Gradimir Bogdanovic resigned, and he also stepped down from the president seat of Republic Expert Commission for Transfusiology. Bogdanovic is in the heat of the Institute for blood transfusion of Serbia once again today.

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