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Partizan fan was disfigured: His teeth were smashed out, his nose ripped off, he almost lost an ear

Doctors were fighting for his life last night

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The fan from the Belgrade derby Red Star-Partizan, who was beaten last night and then transferred to reanimation, suffered serious injuries, as Telegraf found out. He was transferred to Neurosurgery, and as we were told, he is missing a nose and an ear, and all of his teeth were smashed out.

Europe is talking about the bloody riot at the derby: Pictures from Belgrade traveled from England to Russia! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Doctors were fighting for his life last night. He will certainly stay in a hospital for a long time.

Another 20 fans were transported to the Military Medical Academy, and since none of them has been released home yet, it is clear that the injuries are serious.

The fierce clash of the most passionate members of black and whites when a group of Grobari (Partizan supporters) tried to take over the stands in the 15th minute, but they were not successful.

It was one of the most brutal and largest fights in the south in the history of the stadium. At the end, it was finished as the coup attempt. Alkatraz defended the "Bar", and it totally embarrassed Grobary who tried to take over the South.

They ended up beaten, with bloody heads, swollen, fried from the torches and naked! Some of them were thrown to the track without their underwear!

Everything happened in the moments when a massive amount of torches were lit on the north. Grobari used the show of Delije (Red Star supporters) to attack the stands. 

Unofficially, the group that tried to perform the coup were Vandal Boys, who had some other groups with them. It was interesting that they came to the derby in the same uniforms, dressed in the same sweatshirts and they were grouped in the same place.

The riots that happened on the 156th eternal derby quickly traveled around the world! Everybody wrote about the brutality on the south stands and under it. The tied score was in the second plan.

One one of the world media who reported on these events, tabloid "the Sun" reported that there was a "civil war" on the stadium and 17 fans were injured, with a lot of photos to cover the story.


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