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The family of the girl (6) from Afghanistan who died filed a lawsuit against the Croatian police

The family is currently in Serbia

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The family of six-year-old girl Madina from Afghanistan, who died on Serbian-Croatian border when a train hit her, filed a lawsuit against the Croatian police because they made them return over the border.

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The lawyer representing Husini family said today in Zagreb that they filed a lawsuit because Croatian border patrol refused to allow the family with six children to file request for asylum and they made them return across the railways to Serbia in the night of 21st November, just a few minutes before the girl was hit by the train.

The family is currently in Serbia.

The tragedy of the Afghan family, who tried to enter Croatia after spending a year in Serbia hoping to legally enter Hungary, is the latest in the line of deaths and injuries of migrants across the Balkans, Associated Press writes.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Hina)

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