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Pyrotechnics caused a series of fires in Slovenia: The damage amounted to 90,000 euros

A house also started burning in Bezigrad due to explosion caused by the homemade New Year fireworks

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Fires in Slovenia caused by fireworks in Ljubljana and the city St. Tomaz, amounted to 90.000 euros, STA reports.

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Four out of seven garages built one next to another were destroyed in Ljubljana suburb Murgle, according to the investigation. Roofs of the other three and two cars were also destroyed.

There were no injuries but the damage was estimated to around 50.000 euros.

Fireworks caused a fire in the city St. Tomaz at the northeast of the country where part of the garage burned, room with water heater, and few machines for the home, and the damage was estimated to 40.000 euros. 

A house also started burning in Bezigrad due to an explosion caused by homemade missile fireworks.

Police in Ljubljana announced that the explosion in Bezigrad was caused by a resident who prepared a rocket fuel he wished to use for New Year's night. 

He set fire to the rockets while testing the substance, which resulted in the explosion. He wasn't seriously injured.

Foto: Flickr/Jasper Nance

Bratislava Zoo: Don't throw firecrackers close to the zoo

The Zoo in Slovakia asked residents of the capital who live in its vicinity not to use fireworks and firecrackers during the New Year's celebrations.

- We would be very grateful if people living in the immediate vicinity of the zoo refrained from throwing fireworks - said Aleksandra Riterova, spokeswoman of the Bratislava Zoo Marketing - TASR reports.

She added that she hopes that all animals will survive through the New Year's night and that there won't be any casualties.


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