A happy ending of a story of a baby which was found in a garbage container the last day of 2017: The mother left her in garbage, and she got a new home now

The horrible story that caused disgust in the region received an epilogue

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A newborn was found in a garbage container on the last day of 2017 in Sarajevo. The story shook entire Bosnia and Herzegovina, and now it received a happy ending. The baby was placed with a foster family after one month.

The brave little girl didn't cry, and she was thrown in a trashcan! Confession of the police officers who found a baby in the New Year's night (VIDEO)

The mother was suspected of infanticide, the investigation is still ongoing.

The girl was placed with a family with foster parents after one month of staying at the pediatric's clinic. This was confirmed to N1 by the Social Welfare Center. They said that they were looking for a long-term solution the entire time.

- The aim of the Cantonal Center for Social Work and Social Welfare Services of the Vogosca Municipality was to keep the girl for a longer period of time, as long as it takes for the services to find the adequate family so they can place the girl with them. The additional separations would be prevented that way, the moving from one to another facility - Adnan Podzo said, the director of the Cantonal Center for Social Work.

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Mother's motives, in this case, are still a mystery. But psychologists warn that the trigger in similar cases can be post-traumatic depression or psychosis and that they should keep their eyes open.

- To observe the symptoms of the mother after the birth! If a woman is becoming reserved, if she doesn't want to eat, to take care of the child, if she is becoming aggressive, if she has aggressive actions, she must contact the expect - a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a psychotherapist because that is a condition that can be treated, but if left untreated, it can lead to serious things - a woman can harm herself, or the child - Djana Loncarica said, the psychologist.

Postpartum psychosis occurs in one of 500 cases, warns the interlocutor of N1.

According to "Avaz", the mother who left the baby is 39 years old and her initials are B.Dz. When the police apprehended her, she didn't cry or show any kind of emotions. It was determined that the girl was born healthy in the General Hospital "Prim.Dr. Abdulah Nakas", from where the mother was released home.

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The moment when a small face came out of the bag will remain carved forever in my memory, as well as the baby's innocent look when he took her out of the container, the officer said for "Avaz".

This police officer feared whether will the baby survive, but luckily, he and his colleague Mudhat Hodzic arrived on time. When he took her in his hands he saw that she was wearing a small hat and that she was wrapped in a towel. He is still under the strong impression of what he experienced in the New Year's night. Turcalo said that he could barely speak due to the excitement.

He was patrolling with his colleague Midhat Hodzic near the stadium "Asim Ferhativic Hase" on Kosevo. He couldn't even imagine that he will experience something that will probably mark his career.

- We got a message that strange noises could be heard from a garbage container in the street in Kosevo. A man was walking by and he was frightened.. We arrived there in 40 seconds. We went through all possible red lights... Luckily we survived the way I drove. Colleague Midhat and I took out our flash lights and we leaned over the container. Garbage like garbage... We took a better look, and there was a baby! A live, clean, well-dressed baby... Little thing wasn't crying, and she was thrown into the container! I couldn't believe my eyes. I don't remember thinking anything at the moment. I just grabbed her to take her out of the garbage - Turcalo said.

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