LATEST NEWS: Airplanes are circling around Serbia, they can't land to Belgrade airport due to the fog

One flight has been canceled, and few flights are running a little late. Currently, there are several airplanes circling around Serbia waiting for the fog to clear out so they can land

The landing has been made difficult for all planes who need to land on the Belgrade airport "Nikola Tesla", reports the portal avaitica.rs. As reported, two airplanes of the "Air Serbia" are circling above Srem.

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According to the unofficial information, fog is causing problems to the smaller aircrafts at the airport "Nikola Tesla", which don't have the equipment for flying in these conditions. 

Our source said that larger airplanes which are equipped landed with no problems, and the situation is expected to improve regarding smaller aircrafts since the visibility is improving.

A flight has been canceled, several flights had small delays when leaving, and there are several airplanes circling around Serbia waiting for the fog to clear out so they can land.

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- Two airplanes of "Air Serbia" have been circling above Srem for more than an hour. The airplane from Vienna happened to be above Pecinac and it has been circling above this place since 10:30, while the airplane from Zagreb has been over Sremska Mitrovica at around the same time - it was stated.

It is added that the airplane over Transylvania flew away to the alternative airport to Sofia.

- The visibility at the Belgrade airport is currently 140 meters, which is below the limit to activate the landing procedure according to the category IIIb. The airport has the equipment for the airplanes to land even at this thick fog, but besides that, the airplanes need to have the adequate equipment as well. Even then, the decision rests on the captain if he is going to land or if he will seek an alternative solution - writes aviatica.rs.


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