Doctors in Serbia reveal how they protect themselves from the flu - is the vaccine really efficient?

Warnings about the dangers of flu come from all sides every day, and the worst is yet to come.

We are threatened by the flu epidemics when children return from a break to schools, and the greatest reason for the increase of sick is staying indoors which are not properly vented and the flu mutation which became more resistant. 

Mix of the virus and bacteria swept across Serbia, mutated flue is threatening us and not even a vaccine helps, and the real epidemics is yet to strike us

The vaccine against flu wasn't so effective because there was a virus mutation, so even the people who received it got sick.

-The vaccine is a great preventative, but it can not completely protect the body if the virus mutates. Symptoms are present but much less than in people who have not been vaccinated, and those who have received the vaccine get better quickly - doctor Radmila Sehic said to Telegraf.

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The vaccine is taken every year for the predicted type of flu expected for that year. It is taken at the end of October and the start of November, and it is necessary to adjust the diet and enrich it with vitamins. Enough sleep is needed and avoiding closed spaces with a lot of people.

We wanted to know how doctors protect themselves from flu. 

- The doctors protect themselves like the other citizens. The masks are required during exams and increased hygiene of hands. All folk remedies are recommended which were proven to have an effect on the immune system. Teas from the rose hip, elder, freshly squeezed juices, sour cabbage, garlic, ginger, and honey, Dr. Nada Vujic Jovic from community Health Center MediGroup Dorcol said for Telegraf.

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She stressed that children have a weaker immune system, and since they stay in the collectives where the infections are spreading easily, it is necessary to protect them completely and to work on strengthening their immune system. The age of the child is important and it is, and accordingly, newborns and young children have a greater risk of becoming ill.

A lot of vitamins and liquids are advised. Enrich your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of fluids and eat homemade soup and drink teas, and the juices of fresh fruits with ginger and honey are great for cleaning the body from toxins.

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