Rejuvenating and beautiful mountain Javor: The heroes of battle of Kosovo sought help on it (PHOTO)

The concentration of ion and winds in the village of Kusisi presents a convenient place for the treatment of bronchitis and asthma

In south-west Serbia, on the border between the municipalities of Nova Varos, Ivanjica and Sjenica, Javor Mountain is one of the most healing mountains in Serbia. Anemia, chronic respiratory illness, bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema are just some of the diseases for which the medicine can be found right on this mountain, and it can also help you strengthen your immune system.

This is not New Zealand nor the rainforests of Amazon... This is a hidden treasure of Serbia, and its just 3 hours away from Belgrade! (PHOTO)

According to the legend, Bosko Jugovic came to heal his wounds straight from the Battle of Kosovo, because he knew that this mountain heals the greatest sickness with its clear springs and herbs. He arrived at the hill above Ivanjica where they took care of his wounds with herbs and balms, but he couldn't be rescued. The legend says he died there and he was buried at the same spot. Many centuries later, a church was built there under the shade of oaks which was planted by people of this area in memory of all Jugovics.

Foto: Wikipedia/Anja Ignjatovic

There was a Serbian Turkish border until the Balkan war (1912). Karadjordje built strong fortresses (1806-1809) and pits in the bottom of it, which can be still recognized, and they are named Karadjordje's pits. Village Kusici, which is located 12 kilometers away from Javor towards Ivanjica, is an interesting place for tourists, and the concentration of ion and winds in the village of Kusisi presents a convenient place for the treatment of bronchitis and asthma.

There is a river Uvac at the base of the mountain Javor, which flows into the river Lim. The mountain is known for its frequent sources of clean water. There is a Kraski source, wellheads, Koricansko, Stitkovacko, Trudovacko and Kalipojska river. Streams and rivers formed: Tisovica, Bradica river, Nosnica, Studena river, Radevska river, Lug, Duboki potok, Kladnica.

Foto: Wikipedia

Vasilin is the tallest tip of Javor with 1.519 meters, and the monument for major Ilic is located below it, the hero of Javor war. The people rose the most beautiful monument at the end of 1907 and they carry on the fame and glory of Javor heroes and of the major Mihail Ilic, Jagodinac, commander of the second Uzice brigade.


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