Croat provoked Vucic with questions on the street, and then the president of Serbia turned around and answered him (VIDEO)

The parliament representative of MOST Miro Bulj commented to president Vucic

Parliament member Miro Bulj (Most) "threw" comments at the president of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic on the street while he was crossing from Banski Dvor to the Croatian Parliament. According to the local media who reported on the visit of Serbian president to Zagreb, he asked him "when will he to Croatian Glina".

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According to the Croatian Media, "Bulj in this way alluded to Vucic's speech from 1995" and invited him to "apologize to Serbs and Croats".

The Serbian president responded that he can answer whenever he wants and that he is not afraid of his comments.

- I can answer whenever you want and whatever you want. Do you think that I was afraid of you and your comments? - Vucic said.


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