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Polar cold at Pester: Snow and ice seized the Serbian Siberia, snow plows can not break through to the locals

The temperature measured was -26 degrees

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-23 degrees were measured in Sjenica meteorological station on Thursday morning, and -26 in Karajukic Bunari in central Pester. Strong frost has chained Polim valley and Nova Varos area. The temperatures in the higher parts of Zlatar, Javor, Murtenica, and Jabuka went below -25 degrees. Although snow stopped falling, there are still roads that are snowed in.

SERBIA CHAINED IN ICE: This city was the coldest in the entire country! The incredible -21 degrees measured this morning (PHOTO)

Meteorologist Fadil Mahmutovic, the head of the Meteorological Station in Sjenica, this was the second coldest March 1st since they started recording temperatures, only 1st March 1965 was colder when -25 degrees were measured. 

The locals of the Zlatar villages claim that it was below 25 degrees below zero for the past two mornings, and in Dejadic field and Akmacic, the temperature dropped to minus 23 degrees.

- The last year was colder, and this frost doesn't look so bad, they have frightened us with the weather forecast. Last year, the temperature here in Djenadic field showed -32 degrees below zero - the local Vidomir Gvozdovic said.

Foto: Wikimedia/Zcvetkovic

The regional road is blocked between Straza and Ljubis due to the snowdrifts.

- The snowplows weren't able to handle the climb to Ljubis, and they promised us from the "Roads" to start with plows from Bela Reka and we hope that the road will be cleaned soon - emphasizes the president of the Municipality of Nova Varos Radosav Vasiljevic.

The snow cover is almost one meter high in higher parts of Prijepolje. All main and local roads are passable, and there are problems on the roads in the distant local communities of Jabuka, Babina, Aljinovici, Milosev Do and Orasac - said the member of the Municipal Council Mirjana Bojovic.

The Pester Highlands, which is known by many as the Serbian Siberia, is known for polar colds. The extremely low temperature was measured on January 26, 2006, when the Balkan record was set for the cold. That morning, at the station of Karajukic Bunari, was minus 39.6. The locals claim that it was -41, but their measurements were not official.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Vecernje Novosti)

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