He couldn't talk because of applause, and then Vucic read the percentages that are unprecedented in Belgrade (VIDEO)

The president of the city council Nebojsa Stefanovic was the first to address the public from the headquarters of the party

Serbian president and the president of Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Aleksandar Vucic, addressed the citizens for the first time after the closing of the polling stations from the headquarters of the election list "Aleksandar Vucic: "Because we Love Belgrade".

Vucic on Kosovo problem: We are playing chess without the queen and a rook, we are trying to get a stalemate, the best way we can for Serbia

Although the people gathered were impatient to find out the results of the elections, we had to wait for a couple of minutes for the president to announce them because he couldn't talk of all the applause

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

- Today was a good day in many cities in Serbia where citizens chose their representatives. They showed the true democratic face of our country, despite the threats and pressure - Vucic said.

He said that many talked how the changes are starting, but he doesn't know what were they thinking about.

- The election list in Sevojno won 62.02% of the votes, 60.03% in Bor, we miss a few places in Arandjelovac but so far it's 59% of the votes. About Belgrade, with 90% of the votes counted, we have 45% of the votes, which is the best score ever, more than we won on the presidential elections with coalition partners from Socialist Party of Serbia - Vucic said.

He said that it was very important to him to show everybody who just wanted to reach the state fundings, that you can win with diligence.  

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

- Their problem is that they tried to remove me in every election. If they focused on citizens more, and less have for me, they would perhaps get a better result - Vucic said.

The president said that the there were the least incidents during voting

- You can count them on the fingers of one hand. There were some who were allowed to lead a negative campaign against us on their televisions, we weren't allowed to have funny promotion videos. But, it wasn't so bad at the end - he said and pointed that it is not a victory for SNS to say something bad about their opponents, but the built metro, higher salaries, and higher pensions.

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

Vucic said that SNS allowed all the media representatives into their election headquarters, and everybody has the right to ask what they want and that is democratic.

- The politics is to lead on the serious and responsible way. Everybody should do their job, they can stop the journalists from coming, we will do our job and we will answer all questions - he added.

Looking on the Serbian Radical Party's debacle, Vucic said that they had a bad score because Vojislav Seselj wasn't the candidate, but a young man who wasn't well known in the public. Speaking about the Democratic Party, he said that those who have left their party to support the politics he doesn't understand, and that is the difference between SNS and DS of 30 percent.

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

Vucic explained that the deadline to construct city assembly is 15 days. 

- And then we have a month to chose the mayor. That means that we will know everything in 50 days - the president said.

Vucic said that to all of those who asked for monitoring of elections in Serbia, he will ask that our country performs monitoring of elections in their states, on the principle of reciprocity.

- I've heard that Kyle Scott was in Altina and Grmovac, where SNS got more than 60 of the votes of the citizens, and I am happy that he was there - Vucic said responding to the question of the reporter at the press conference in the rooms of SNS.


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