A coup in Pristina: The fight for the sultan throne while the secret services are arresting!

The end is near for someone, Thaci or Haradinaj? Telegraf investigates who could take the leading place in the next possible Kosovo government and what will be the epilogue of the shaken relations between Pristina and Ankara

Ten years after the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo, and exactly five since the signing of the Brussels Roundtable, the situation in Kosovo is only getting worse. Communities of Serb municipalities, whose formation is envisaged by the Brussels agreement, are nowhere to be found, and the situation was further fueled by the arrest of the director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Djuric. The situation escalated with the arrest of Turkish citizens in Kosovo and their deportation to Turkey. Namely, they were suspected that they have connections with the movement of Fethullah Gulen.

They want to rip off another part of Serbia: Vucic said that it won't happen!

President of Kosovo Hasim Thaci got a pat on the back by Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan for this action, while the prime minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj revolted the Turkish president by ordering the dismissal of Kosovo Police Minister Mjamur Sefaj and the head of the intelligence agency Driton Gashi because of this action which took place without his knowledge. This move caused the wrath of Erdogan towards Pristina, calling this act Antiturkish. When Sefaj and Gasi resigned, the question emerged if Kosovo government can survive. On the other hand, Serbian List leaving the Kosovo government has announced the early elections on Kosovo.  

During that time, the Albanian prime minister Edi Rama met the president of Kosovo Thaci, and then with the leader of the opposition movement, Self-determination, Albin Kurti, and the Initiative, Fatmir Limaj. He was seen with him in the restaurant in Tirana.

The question is which of the current "rulers" will remain and how much will their survival depend on the world forces.

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Kosovo analyst Behlul Beqaj told Telegraf.rs that the events in Kosovo are a turning point in the way politics will continue, because, according to him, the hierarchical obligations of political leaders in Kosovo are not respected.

- President Thaci seems to be a sultan of Kosovo and he is less and less competent, and on the other hand, we have Prime Minister Haradinaj who is not aware of the serious events that have been taking place in Kosovo in recent days. The situation is very critical, but I don't think that the early elections are the solution, because we don't have the serious political subjects that would eventually change the situation for the better. That is why it is realistic to go for temporary technical government - Becaj mentions.

He explains that this kind of government could prepare the election system completely, the constitution of Kosovo, and some political parties, and their leaders.

- That way we could solve some important questions, like the Community of Serbian municipalities, the continuation of dialogue with Belgrade. Currently, I don't see any serious factors which could carry out this burden, because they are completely socially degraded, politically, morally, legally - Becaj said.

Foto: Tanjug/Sava Radovanović


Speaking to Telegraf.rs, analyst Dusan Jajic said that there is no doubt that Ankara organized an institutional coup in Kosovo through its secret service because they organized the arrest and extradition of Gulenist with Kosovo intelligence agency with the knowledge of Hashim Thaci.

- That is a serious challenge for Kosovo which wants to become the member of EU and NATO, and they depend on the support of Washington and EU, but a serious division was created with this act. The question arises, who controls the local governments and intelligence community of Kosovo and whether the Kosovo Government now has the same policy. Democratic Party of Kosovo leader Kadri Veseli did not take Thaci's side at this moment, which means that there is enough room and that there won't be any early elections  - Janjic thinks.

He explains that Kosovo now has two major problems.

- One, it is vulnerable to external intelligence interventions and the other one, which is unexpected, that they come from Turkey. The question remains if Kosovo is capable of resisting the Islamic terror and the part financed and supported by Ankara. Those are two great temptations. Whether Thaci or Haradinaj will remain doesn't depend on their relationship, it depends on the estimates which will be made in Washinton, Brussels, and Berlin. The crisis is here, Kosovo is not stable, and the new elections are not good for anyone - Janjic said


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