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The prosecution protected the bully from Stara Pazova, but the cameras captured his cruelty towards the old man he has beaten


Marko Stevanovic (27) is looking at 5 years in prison for knocking out Misa Ocovaj (73)

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The Prosecutor's Office in Stara Pazova tried to protect Marko Stevanovic (27), a young man who knocked out the old man on the bike, Misa Ocovaj (73) from this town, after which he lost consciousness and fell to asphalt, Telegraf finds out.

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Foto: Youtube/zakon za sve

Stevanovic hit the old man in the head, angry because Ocovaj was drunk and he sexually harassed and had inappropriate comments, according to the testimony of his girlfriend. 

The police went to the scene of the crime, but no one said the police officers that there is a video of the attack. After that, the prosecutor characterized the attack on the old man as disturbance of public order and peace.

When the locals of the town heard that the young man will pull through with just a minor offense, the video suddenly appeared in media who showed the entire cruelty of the young man towards the old man.

Foto: Printskrin/Youtube - nasilničko ponašanje


The video appeared which shows Stevanovic running out of the car and hitting Ocovaj two times in the head while he was on his bike. This video caused a lot of heat in the public and on social media, and condemnation of such act: 

Look at the car he is driving, this human-like ape. Did the God tell those apes with those cars that they are reckless, uncultured, rude, the low bottom? Police, prosecution, stop jerks like this...

- You jerk, why didn't you find someone your own size to beat you up. If that was my father, I would have come to Pazova, to the hole you crawled out, to break your arms and legs. You wouldn't be able to eat soup. You found where to show power... 

Well done for the one who recorded this, this is a shame for the bully, the rudeness on every level, it doesn't matter what the old man did, if he had inappropriate comments, you could have reported him, but no, little brain had to show off in front of his girlfriend, that he will beat the weaker from himself. Now look and be proud of your misdeed. TERRIBLE

- Friends from Pazova came to defend the bully. This is not his first time, we from Pazova know who is this bully...

The prosecution has no excuses and they are changing the criminal offense and they charged Stevanovic with violent behavior. He is detained for 30 days, and the doctors determined that Ocovaj suffered light head injuries, and also that he was drunk...

Stevanovic will face the maximum sentence of five years in prison.

VIDEO: Watch the video of the attack in Stara Pazova: 


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