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18 kilograms heavy and half a meter long killer tumor taken out from the stomach of a woman at the Military Medical Academy: Serbian surgeons performed the impossible (PHOTO)


The diameter of the tumor was 50 centimeters

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A complex surgical procedure for the removal of liposarcoma - a rare type of tumor of large dimensions was successfully performed in the Military Medical Academy, thanks to the multidisciplinary approach to treatment. 

A record-breaking baby was born: Twice as heavy as the others, 5 kilos and 600 grams

A 51-year-old patient is stable, she was discharged from the hospital for further house treatment.

In the case of a patient in the MMA, a tumor of 50 cm in diameter and about 18 kg in weight was localized in the abdomen.

Although it is considered that the most effective treatment for liposarcoma is surgery, the risky surgical procedure for removing tumors of these dimensions was further complicated by the presence of large blood vessels and abdominal organs.

Foto: Promo

After the gastroenterological diagnosis of lieutenant colonel assistant professor Doctor of Medical Science Nebojsa Manojlovic from the clinic for Gastroenterology and Hepatology of the MMA and consultative decisions on operative treatment, the surgery was performed by prof. Dr. Branislav Trifunovic, assistant prof. Dr. Bosko Milev, Lieutenant-colonel assistant Dr. Milan Jovanovic and Dr. Zivorad Kocevsi, anesthesiologist Dr. Aleksandra Ristanovic and instrumentalists Marijana Bugarcic and Jasmina Mitrovic.


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