There are 23.238 millionaires in Serbia, and most of them are managers, directors, and engineers (A LIST BY THE CITIES)

The income tax limit is three average annual earnings per employee paid in the previous year

The Tax Administration received a total of 23,238 applications for determining the annual income tax for citizens for 2017, submitted by all those who during the year earned more than 2,375,136 dinars (20130 euros).

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The income tax limit is three average annual earnings per employee paid in the past year, according to the data of the Republic Bureau of Statistics.

The most frequently reported occupations are the manager, director, and engineer. Reported revenues for the first hundred tax applicants with the largest reported revenues range from around 40 to about 340 million dinars.

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- Most applications were filed in the territory of Belgrade - a total of 16,199 applications. A total of 4,341 applications were received in Novi Sad, 1,443 applications in Kragujevac, 1,265 applications in Nis and 10 applications in Pristina.

Of the 100 largest reported revenues, 73 percent belongs to taxpayers from the territory covered by the Regional Department of Tax Administration Belgrade. Of the hundred most reported revenues, 69 are residents of Serbia and 31 are foreigners, while 90% are male.

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