How did the Serbian press report Croatia's advancement to the finals of the World Championship? (PHOTO)

Accidentally or not, the keyword was missing in almost all the titles of printed newspapers in Serbia

The advancement of Croatia to the finals of the World Championship was very much reported in Serbia. The Serbian press gave a lot of space for the victory of the "Squares" over the Englishmen, and we went through some of them to see the titles.

Croatian fan removed the Albanian flag during the celebration! This is the best scene from the streets (VIDEO)

It is interesting that the word "Croatia" was missing in all of the papers, only one of them had the word "Croats".

Almost everybody else wrote the titles where they highlighted Mandzukic or the English, while some mentioned the referee, stating that he damaged England.

Take a look at the titles of the printed press in Serbia the day after the greatest victory of Croatia in history:

Foto: Telegraf

"Croats shut down the dreams of Englishmen"

Foto: Telegraf

"The Englishmen will dream about the finals for a long time"

Foto: Telegraf

"The Englishmen dropped the finals"

Foto: Telegraf

"Mandzukic knocked out the Englishmen"

Foto: Telegraf

"Heel into the finals"

Foto: Telegraf

"Mandzukic takes them to the finals"

Foto: Telegraf

"The finalist determined at the 109th minute"

Snoop Dogg put on a "squared" jersey and he caused delirium among Croatian fans! (PHOTO)

VIDEO: Take a look at the party Croatian players made after the advancement to the finals


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