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Murdered lawyer Dragoslav Misa Ognjanovic was married to the most beautiful Serbian (PHOTO)


His son Petar (26) was wounded in the shooting

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Lawyer Dragoslav Misa Ognjanovic was murdered in the shooting on New Belgrade, one of the most powerful Serbian lawyers, the defender of Slobodan Milosevic, Mira Markovic and Luka Bojovic. 

The crime that will never be forgotten: It has been four years since the brutal murder of Tijana Juric

The very top of the police in the fight against organized crime came to the scene of the crime, in the street of Antifascist Fight no. 45.

The police started the action "Vihor". All apartments in the vicinity of the murder were blocked, as well as entrances and major roads in New Belgrade. The tenants cannot leave, and no one can approach the buildings surrounded by the police.

Foto: Telegraf

At the moment when Dragoslav Ognjanovic was shot, his son Petar (26) was with him, who was wounded.

He was transported by the ambulance to the emergency center.

Foto: Profimedia, AFP

Dragoslav Ognjanovic was married to one of the most beautiful Serbian girls, Sanja Papic. They married in August 2017 in the Serbian embassy in Paris, and they got a daughter on October 30th, 2017.

Foto: Instagram/misssanjapapic

Sanja Papic said on one occasion that they were very happy and excited while they were expecting.

- I can only say that this is the greatest gift in life to Misa and me. This gift is something most right to us - Sanja sad and many condemned her that she destroyed his current marriage by starting the relationship with him.

Ognjanovic was 23 years older than his last wife, and he became parents in both of his marriages.

The famous lawyer was murdered after 11 months of marriage. Before that, he was married to the playboy bunny Natalija Mihic.

The head of the Criminal Police Directorate Dejan Kovacevic spoke regarding the murder of Dragoslav Misa Ognjanovic.

- Police are intensively searching for a person who killed lawyer Dragoslav Ognjanovic in front of the building at the number 45 in the Anti-Fascist Fighting Street, and wounded his son (26) in the right-hand area. Immediately after the event was reported, inspectors of the criminal police, who are currently conducting the investigation, were sent to the scene, and other police units were also engaged to intensively search for the perpetrator.

Members of the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the competent prosecutor's office are taking all necessary measures and actions in order to solve this case as soon as possible, and to arrest the perpetrator of this crime - said Kovacevic.

VIDEO: Forensics at the murder site in Zarkovo

(Telegraf.co.uk / Ivana Vlajkovic / i.vlajkovic@telegraf.rs)

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