Croatia is the only country in Europe that celebrates the ethnic cleansing: Dacic sharply responded to Zagreb

The Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasizes we shouldn't be surprised by Croat's attitude towards the "Storm"

President of Serbia is criticized because he has compared the expelling of Serbs during the "Storm" with fascist Germany, although the minister Ivica Dacic said that 580.000 Serbs lived in Croatia in 1991 and that there are 180.000 of them according to the last census.

Celebration in Knin, silence in Belgrade: Commemoration for the victims of the "Storm" in the church of St. Marko (VIDEO)

Croatia is the only country in Europe that celebrates ethnic cleansing, and that nothing can surprise us, the Serbian minister said.

- The war in Croatia didn't start because of Serbia's aggression. Slovenia and Croatia carried out an illegal secession, followed by a reaction by the Federal Government, led by Ante Markovic - said Dacic for TV Pink.

It is unfortunate, as he said, that Israeli flag was waving during the celebration of "Storm" in Croatia, which is immoral towards the Israeli people, which died the most with Serbs and Roma people.

- They justify the presence as a commercial participation. I think that it is immoral towards Israeli people whose victims are revitalized in the Holocaust by Croats. The most victims in Jasenovac were among Serbs, Jews, and Roma people - Dacic said.

Foto: Tanjug/Dimitrije Goll

The head of Serbian diplomacy adds that he "does not understand" why was there a Montenegrin officer under the sign "Ready for Homeland".

- I wasn't in Dubrovnik to wage war, Montenegrins were - Dacic said.

Dacic said that Croatia should be "ashamed" because Marko Perkovic Tompson sand in Glina and he is glorifying Ustashas in his songs.

- He sang in Glina where a church filled with Serbs was set on fire during fascist Germany and the Independent State of Croatia. "Serbian home" was later built there, but they expelled Serbs and turned it into a "Croatian Home". Aren't they ashamed - Dacic said.

Commenting on the statements coming from Croatia that Serbia can't join Europe as long as it has the president like this, the foreign minister reminded that Croatia is the only country besides Austria who welcomed Nazzies with flowers in their hands.

- They want to determine who will be in power in Serbia. They want someone who will raise the "Storm", even for Serbia to participate in their celebration - Dacic said.

As he said, Serbia wants to reduce tensions, but we cannot accept rewarding war criminals, false stories about Great Serbian aggression, relativization and negating the crimes.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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