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Reckless tourists - and they are not Serb - are annoying Croats: They drink, scream, puke and defecate wherever they can


People of Dubrovnik claim that tourists are becoming more and more reckless because no one is punishing them

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New season, new complains of the citizens for misconduct, mostly about young Australian tourists in Dubrovnik in early hours. Residents especially complain about the night quests from Gruz, the city where they continue their night out.

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- That is unbearable. You can see them within the walls that they are lying on the ground. First, they shout really loudly, males are walking around with beer bottles, and women are walking half naked. They tried getting on Libertas bus, but the driver didn't let them because he was afraid that they will smash his vehicle.

- He told us that he didn't want to expose himself to any danger. We are paying 34 euros each month and we don't have to suffer the terror of those savages - one resident is indignant, she said that she reported the bad behavior of Australians countless times.

- It is all in vain! I don't know what else to do. I moved the flower pots into the house because they pee in them and they put out their cigarettes. The neighbor found two Australian girls in the hall, vomiting from all the alcohol. She cleaned it for three days, terrible - Dubrovnik resident said who prepares with her neighbors to contact the mayor's office and to warn him about the growing seasonal problem.

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- Gospar Mato likes to do sudden inspections around the city, he was already at the hospitality workers, and he already sent communal inspection to check kayaks on Lopud. We will invite him to come one night on Stradun, to stand and to watch the Australians going wild.

He doesn't have to trust us, but when he sees it for himself, he will reach for sure - a woman from Dubrovnik said, who remembers the statement of Tourism Minister Pava Zupan Ruskovic who said that the behavior of Australian youth in the city is shameful.

- It has been six years since that statement, and everything is the same, if not worse. Australians behave any way they want because no one warns them, let alone punish them - the woman is angry.


What do they think about the citizens' initiative for additional measures aimed at preventing the inappropriate behavior of Australian guests? A comment came from the city administration. 

- Communal workers monitor the compliance with the provisions of the Decision on the communal order and other related acts of the City of Dubrovnik on a daily basis and did not meet with such behavior of the visitors of Dubrovnik. Namely, if they encounter violations of public order and peace, they will inform the police who is responsible for handling such cases.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/Corbis, Pixabay

- But, as each person is responsible for their own behavior, if there is a violation of public order and peace, as well as other forms of inappropriate behavior, persons are subject to procedures prescribed by the authorities - they stated from the Dubrovnik City Administration and added that they will work on raising the awareness on proper behavior through project "Respect the city" - they promised from the city administration.

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