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Pacolli revealed that he comes from Orthodox family and he shocked with the statement about Serbian churches on Kosovo: They were built by Albanians as well

- We need to be members of international communities that are important to us - Behgjet Pacolli said

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Kosovo Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli said in today's address at the EU Presidency in Vienna that churches in Kosovo are not Serbian, but Serbian and Albanian.

Haradinaj would like to draw new borders on Balkans: After ratification of an agreement with Montenegro, the demarcation with Serbia is next

As an example of his claims, he listed the church in Decani, which, he says, is evidence that it was built together by Serbs and Albanians.

He added that his family was Orthodox before, pointing out that the citizens shouldn't be divided by faith and or origin.

- Since the proclamation of the independence, there has been no crime of Albanians over Serbs. That points out that the Serbs and Albanians are respecting each other. I live in Caglavica, I have no problem with Serbs - Pacolli said.

He announced that Pristina will again apply for Kosovo's membership in UNESCO next year.

- We need to be members of international communities that are important to us - he said.

Pacoli opposes the idea of border correction: The solution is to form a common economic zone. 

The Kosovo Foreign Minister opposed the idea of changing the border of Kosovo and estimated that the solution was to establish a common economic zone.

Pacoli, in his statement to Tanjug in Vienna, where he had a speech in the EU representation, said that we should not have divisions on the basis of ethnicity, language, religion and everything else, but that we must live together and that we should devote ourselves economy.

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In his address at the EU Representation in Vienna, Pacoli also said that his personal opinion was that they should not divide the citizens of Kosovo, but that they need to offer a better life by strengthening the economy.

- We don't need to divide citizens, we need to be closer. I hope that the president of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic and president of Kosovo Hashim Thaci see that. Kosovo and Serbia want to be a part of EU, and Europe is Multi-ethnical, multiconfessional it doesn't divide people - he explained and added that a free economic zone should be established, which would attract investments and improve the standard of living of citizens.

According to his words, changing the boundaries cannot be a "future," but we should turn to the economy because when citizens live better it will not be important where they live.

- Serbia wants the north, and if we give it what will happen to other Serbs in the remaining six municipalities in the south. If Serbia thinks that Kosovo is part of its territory, let's proclaim a common economic zone - he said.

Foto: Tanjug/Edib Tahirović

He pointed out that Pristina talks with Belgrade at the moment about a final solution to the problem, and hopes that "D Day" will follow the next days or months.

- I hope that we will end the negotiations with the peace agreement with Serbia, which will bring sustainable peace and stability. It's not normal to not have good relations with Serbia, which we accept as the most important country in the region, as the most important partner, but also Serbia has to accept that the independence of Kosovo is a fact. Based on those two facts we should build our future - he explained.

Pacolli said that he supports the dialogue and Thaci, saying that it is important to Kosovo in order to become a member of international organizations.

Pacolli criticizes Dacic: They spend a huge amount of money in order for countries to withdraw the recognition of Kosovo.

Pacoli said in Vienna that the head of Serbian diplomacy is allegedly spending huge sums of money to withdraw the recognition of Kosovo's independence.

- I guarantee that no country has withdrawn the recognition. They need to let us know that they do not recognize us anymore, and we didn't receive a notice from our main partner, who is important for our economy. Dacic has been releasing false news - he said.

Printskrin: Youtube/Ruptly

In his speech, he pointed out that Kosovo's priority is to bring Kosovo closer to EU and he invites Brussels not to keep Kosovo isolated, but to allow Pristina to advance together with other five countries of the western Balkans.

- Without the western Balkans, and so without Kosovo, Europe will not be complete, and it won't be stable if there is a piece of it missing - Pacolli explained.

MP Mandl said he was first impressed when he heard about the idea of exchanging territory, but that, when he thought a little more thoroughly, he was encouraged that Belgrade and Pristina talked about something.

- Whatever your agenda, it's good to talk and negotiate. This is the beginning of a different relationship between Belgrade and Pristina - he is convinced.

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