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The phone rang precisely at noon, it was Jason Derulo: I wished him a happy birthday, and he said that he was coming to Belgrade in pure Serbian (VIDEO)


Derulo's tour "2 sides" is heating up, and the arenas are full in the last few nights, and he left the best for the end - Serbian capital

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He wrote his first song when he was eight. He was making platinum hits at the age of 20. Even if you try very hard, you will hardly find some hit that wasn't signed with his name. If we made a list of concerts where it is hard to stand still, he would take the first place. He will personally show that to us on October 28th in Stark Arena. Yes, you read that right, Jason Derulo is coming to Belgrade as a part of his tour "2 sides".

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Pleasant and with a smile, he called at the precisely agreed time. He was surprised when I wished him a happy birthday as if he was unaware how big of a star he is and that people know a lot about him, the young king of pop.

- Thank you, thank you a lot for good wishes - he said wholeheartedly.

Derulo's tour "2 sides" is heating up, and the arenas are full in the last few nights, and he said that he is not tired, but full of impressions.

He was recently in Phuket, he had problems saying the name of this largest Thailand's island, so he was saying for days "Fuket" (thinking that it was right). I asked him if he learned to say Belgrade:

- Belgrade - he said.

Foto: AP/Tanjug

I explained that when he is in Serbia, he has to speak like a true Serb and he has to say "Beograd".

- Belgrad, Beogrado, Beograd - he said in pure Serbia, with a well-known smile and he adds that he is happy that he will sing again in Serbia because he remembers a great atmosphere from the last year's "Exit".

He is known for his hits "Talk dirty", "Want to want me", "In My Head", "Whatcha Say", "If It Ain't Love", "Don't wanna go home", "Colors" (anthem of the World Football championship 2018). However, rarely anyone knows that Derulo is actually an opera singer

- Haha, I know why you said that, but no, there won't be any opera singing of my songs. It is hard to adjust to that type of singing, especially since I have dancers on my stage and a band - he answers even before I asked him. Actually, that was more a request than a question.

That is why we are making a compromise and Derulo promises that he will perform his new song "Goodbye" in Belgrade, which is a different version of the classical song originally performed by Andrea Bocelli. 

I try not to be overwhelmed by his incredible energy which he radiates even the morning after the concert, and I asked him if he still needs just a single coffee to function normally during the day, as he said before. And I am looking back at the time when he said about the coffee "I'm Gucci with one", instead of "I'm good with one". 

- Yes, I said that once, and so it remains, however - he tries to speak till the end, but he can't stop laughing.

Foto: Promo

- I never expected that someone will remember that I said that - he said after a few moments.

As a real host, I explain that you need a half of cup of coffee in Belgrade, considering the strength of the coffee that is being drunk here.

- Huh, it's good to know that - he said.

We finished our conversation, the same way we started, with a smile at. And the same time I hung up the phone, I realized that I haven't spoke with someone who is that pleasant in a long time, and who is such a great star. Perhaps that is a secret of his succeess.

Concert tickets are being sold at Stark Arena and Bilet Center, in all CS Event outlets and online on www.starkarena.co.rs.

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