I am convinced that there won't be a war, but we won't allow a pogrom of Serbs: Vucic about tensions on Kosovo (PHOTO)

He spoke about the problems on Kosovo and Metohija and about what will the state do about the current situation in the southern Serbian province

The president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, while in the morning programme on the Pink television, spoke about the current topics from the country and the region.

Kosovo Albanians demand the unification of South and North Mitrovica in the near future: They are pushing the law before the Pristina authorities

What will Serbia do regarding the current situation in the southern Serbian province, what he thinks about the statements of Ramush Haradinaj and predictions of the so-called Kosovo prime minister, that the Serbian President will "be in power for 13 more days", and what are his comments on opposition moves and the statements of the leaders from the regions?


Regarding the titles in the Croatian media that is is a terrorist, the president said that he hopes to improve the relations with Croatia and that it is something he will work on in the future.

He said that he will never apologize to Naser Oric for what he said.

- What was a surprise for me when I was watching the show was that three lawyers from Serbia contacted him that they will represent him for free in the lawsuit against me. That is enough to state how much certain individuals respect Serbian victims - Vucic said and reminded that one of the witnesses, the Serb, also changed his statement on the trial for Oric.

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President of Serbia looked at the stories about "what hides behind buying of television Prva and O2" and he explained the main reason for "anger" of Dragan Djilas and Dragan Solak.

- Solak and Djilas had absolute monopole in media. The competent authorities are now checking how could they form SBB with a minimum of invested money and they undermined the value of Telekom all the time. When we wanted to privatize it because I was sure that whoever buys Telekom will be the competition to SBB, they started rebelled - he said.

President revealed that Dragan Solan and the leader of Alliance for Serbia Dragan Djilas ave "very angry and nervous because they wanted to buy Prva and O2, which was bought by the entrepreneur Srdjan Milanovic.


Referring to the attacks of the opposition, the president of Serbia said that those who conduct the worst violence are now organizing the protests and walks against violence.

- The members of "Dveri" beat up the reporter of Pink, no one apologized for that. You have insults against Maja Gojkovic, they were telling her that she is a "tramp". You have the representative of the opposition who calls for the rapping of the prime minister. They have pushed the limits in this society with their violent behavior - he said.

Printskrin: TV Pink

President looked at yesterday's arrest of a man from Novi Sad, due to death threats to him and his family, which were stated on Twitter.

- He threats with kidnapping or murdering me and my family members. They say that he was arrested because of a Twitt. No one was arrested for a single word here, and not even because someone said to someone that she is a tramp, but due to the threats of murder - Vucic said.

He states that people learned from lawyers how to pull through and to say that they are emotionally distressed, that they were unpredictable and that otherwise, they would never do it.

- When there are threats to some of the citizens, we arrest them. They are not speaking about twists and freedom of words. But, when they treat with murders, then it is all right with us - he noticed.


The president said that the opposition can organize protests and walks on the street, as much as they want, but that "they will beat up nobody".

- They can walk for 300 years and it is nice while they are walking. There will be more sales of Coca-Cola, beer, popcorn, and you have to pay VAT for them, and if they start with violence, it will be quickly stopped - Vucic said, looking at the protest walk which is scheduled for Saturday.

Foto: Tanjug/Filip Krainčanić

He said that they will answer if they start with violence.

- You can walk for a hundred million years. I have no problems with walking. I don't care if there is a thousand or a million of you. There won't be police. You will stop traffic, harass people, but if you start beating up, that won't be allowed - Vucic said adding that this is a democracy.


The president said that Pristina government is trying to make the life impossible for Serbs in the north of Kosovo and Metohija with the taxes, but he also stressed the cooperation of some Serbs with the Albanians.

- I won't allow anyone's agents to control Serbia. The people of Serbia didn't choose them and while I am politically alive, I won't let them destroy our country - he said.

Printskrin: TV Pink

President said that some charged him of "protecting" Milan Radoicic, and they didn't know that he kept quiet for almost a year about that because he waited for police to finish that part of the investigation and to question Radoicic.

- A part of people in Serbia couldn't wait to accuse the vice president of the Serbian list for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic - he said.


The president recalled about the celebration of the World War I Armistice day and the protocol failure when Hashim Thaci was sitting together with Vladimir Putin and explained that "someone paid a lot for that", and that is primarily done by their emigrants, especially from New York.

- America is the parents for Albanians, grandparents, whole family - he explained while explaining how Albanians lobbied.


The president said that he doesn't like using the word war, but he said that people in Pristina don't understand the magnitude of the disaster that they can cause by forming the "Kosovo Army", and he asked them to understand that at some point.

- I am certain that we will have peace, we will not have war, but there won't be any pogrom of Serbs on Kosovo - said the president.

He announced that he will have a phone talk with Jens Stoltenberg and they will discuss the current situation.

Printskrin: TV Pink

- The "Kosovo Army" cannot be formed. The first reason is that NATO has to agree with that, and the second reason is that the local community must agree with that, that is Serbs, which will not happen - Vucic explained.

He said that he is not announcing anything bad but he is just speaking about the real situation Serbia is in.

- For the first time we are in the position to get much more, but Serbs didn't say that they don't want that kind of solution. Instead of dealing with investments, we have to deal with keeping unreasonable Albanians under control, because their moves affect the investors - said the president and stressed that he will lead a peace policy, but there are clear boundaries that Serbia will never cross.

VIDEO: VUCIC: Albanians announced the day when they will form an army, we ask them to think about that really hard 


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