While there are talks about taxes, the Albanians are carrying out a sinister plan to seize Trepca

After last week's adoption of the Draft of the Statute of AD "Trepca", which was proposed by the Supervisory Board of the Combine, the same was forwarded to parliament and will be placed tomorrow on the agenda

The unfolding of the political turmoil on Kosovo and Metohija could happen tomorrow, during the parliament session which is scheduled for tomorrow when the budget of Kosovo will be adopted. What is not known is that the Albanian politicians are planning to adopt the Statute of Trepca, which is consistent with the intentions to seize the Trepca North, governed by the Serbian management.

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After last week's adoption of the Draft of the Statute of AD "Trepca", which was proposed by the Supervisory Board of the Combine, the same was forwarded to parliament and will be placed tomorrow on the agenda.

The Statute shall determine the founders of this stock company, their shares, business, organizational structure, founding capital, management, business and all organizational issues related to that company. By adopting this document, there would be complete centralization of the management of Trepca and the space for registering the new company was practically opened up. This would mark the beginning of the implementation of the Trepca Law, which the parliament of so-called Kosovo adopted at the end of 2016.

The government of Serbia, however, proclaimed that the law was "null and void" the day after it was voted by the institutions of an unrecognized state of Kosovo.

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- The announcement of tomorrow's adoption of the Statute is another in a series of steps of legal violence that Pristina is carrying out over the company, but also over the entire northern part of Kosovo and the people living there. Trepca is the most important business entity that currently employs 2,500 workers. Apart from this, this is the loss of property of the state of Serbia and the change in ownership structure, as a result, will have a complete change in the organizational structure of Trepca and how it will be managed - said for Telegraf the general director of "Trepca-North", Jovan Dimkic.

He explained that this would further lead to the destruction of the model on which Trepca North operates, which has so far proved to be very successful.

- Trepca North has financially self-sustaining production for many years with complete solvency, ie, timely and regular settlement of all of its obligations towards suppliers, service providers, the Tax Administration of Kosovo and the earnings of its employees, which is not the case with the southern part of Trepca where we have the appearance of daily strikes and the dissatisfaction of Albanian workers precisely with those governing bodies appointed by the Kosovo Government instead of experts - he said, adding that in that case they would take full control, in business terms, over every important event in Trepca North.

Foto: Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

This would probably eventually result in the cessation of production activities in Trepca North and led to the loss of a huge number of jobs and after that, this negative trend would continue on the social as well as on the security plan and ultimately the expulsion of Serbs.

The Serbian government, Jovan Dimkic emphasized, expressed this issue and made clear its position in 2016, and will not suffer "that our destiny is decided by others who, by the way, have shown themselves incapable of doing this where they were already in charge all these years".

In a statement for the Pristina media, the president of the so-called. Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, said that "Gazivode, North Mitrovica and Trepca will not be part of the Pristina-Belgrade agreement" - RTK 2 reported.

- That is a closed question for me - he said.

VIDEO: Thaci going through the north of Kosovo 

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