Terrorizing! Croats allowed Serbian buses with tourists to cross the border after 4 hours: Morning with new crowds on the border crossing

There were passengers who were traveling to Italy for Easter holidays

After many hours of waiting, the Croatian police decided to allow the tourist buses from Serbia to cross the border with Croatia, reported TV Pink.

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As it is stated - the Croatian police held more than 20 Serbian buses from crossing the border for more than 4 hours on the crossing Batrovci - Bojakovo.

According to TV Pink reports, the police has forbidden the passengers to stand next to the bus, and they threatened with a 5.000 kuna fine, which is around 670 euros. 

There were passengers who were traveling to Italy for Easter holidays.

The impression of the passengers who travel to Italy is that the Croatian police are doing this on purpose.

After two hours of waiting, there are still no indications that the buses will continue the trip. The Croatian police gave no explanations and they refuse any communication. One of the passengers told the representative of the agency is that the police officer said: "I have my reasons why I am not letting you pass", and then he ordered him to close the door of the bus, wrote one of the passengers on Twitter.

According to the information from the scene, the Croatian police allowed the buses on regular lines to cross the border.

The number of cars in Batrovci has increased. Passenger vehicles leaving Serbia are moving in four rows.

VIDEO: Complete report about the roads and border crossings on Easter 

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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