Drama in New Belgrade: A girl went to exit the elevator, it went wild and it didn't stop (VIDEO)

To make the matter even worse, the woman from the footage claims that the elevator is relatively new and it is inspected all of the time!

"I almost died today. Elevators in New Belgrade are completely "safe". Luckily, it was me, and not some mother with a child. "

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We have seen a tweet posted by a girl from New Belgrade, with the security camera footage. While she was riding to the ground, everything seemed fine. Actually, it seemed great considering our elevators. Old cabin, gray picture of the camera, a young woman fixing her hear in the mirror. A real overture for a horror movie.

The elevator arrives at the ground level, the woman leaves it and the elevator started going up at the same time, while she is still holding the door open.

If she went out a bit slower, she wouldn't have the time to realize what was happening. 

- At the moment when I was getting out, I thought that I felt dizzy because I haven't eaten, and then I was shocked... - she wrote.

The elevator probably wouldn't move until she out but she could lose her foot, she could be crushed between two floors, as she said, those could be a mother with a child!

The connection with the door probably didn't work so the cabin started moving as soon as the woman stepped outside, although the door was still open. 

The lesson of this story is, always let the child exit first, and then you with it, because, the weight is not enough for the elevator to "detect" a person in it.

The lesson for all of the managers: inspect elevators all the time!

But, the horror continues, luckily, without the passengers in the elevator. Since the woman left it and she avoided the accident. 


Printskrin: Twitter

The elevator went to the 20th floor, without stopping, accelerating. Instead of stopping in the last floor it continued another half a meter and it smashed the ceiling. Everything was shaking, the plaster fell off, and the housekeeper heard a bang and he went to look at what happened.


Comments about this elevator case are pretty turbulent.

- Oh, how is this possible, it is incredible luck that no one died. The elevator should be placed out of order until it is solved - wrote one of the users.

To make things worse, the woman from the elevator claims that the elevator is relatively new and it is inspected all the time!

- A man died in the nineties... These are relatively new elevators, they don't have more than 10 years... The inspection is every month, the technicians come, they sign the papers without looking at anything... - she said.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / M. Beljan)

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