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Confession of a priest who has to go to prison for drinking: One service after the other and I had 2.06 blood alcohol level - not even the church robes could help me in the police (PHOTO)


- The police officers were professional and they did their job, they didn't want to let me go and so I went to prison - the priest Ljubicic said

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- I was on a service, and according to our customs, you take rakija for the soul of the dead person. And so I took one, then the second, and it piles up. Three services on the same day. And after each service for the dead person, you take wine, and rakija, its the customs. And at the end, I had 2.06 blood alcohol content - Milos Ljubicic (70) from the village Vrelo said to me, who was detained in the police station to sober up. And now he will have to go to prison for 15 days.

Another "narco-priest" arrested with drugs, his defense was silence: Details of the last case that shook Serbian Orthodox church and the general public

- And what can I do, there was no one to drive me, and I am just a human, so I got drunk - priest Milos is confessing, although it was through laughter.

He knows that he was sinful and he is prepared to repent for his sins in prison, and he didn't complain when they took him in.

- I was in my robes when I was sobering up, it didn't help me. The police officers were professional and they did their job, they didn't want to let me go and so I went to prison. At first, I didn't want to sign what they gave me, but I did in the morning. What can I do, if I have to lie down there, I will - the priest said, through laughter again.

Foto: SPC/Eparhija valjevska

After sobering up, the priest was taken to the judge of Misdemeanor Court in Valjevo, who sentenced him to 15 days imprisonment, he received a ban on driving for 9 months and 15 penalty points. 

- The judge said to me: "You will go to Valjevo to serve your time", and I asked if I could pay the fine, they said that I can't. And what can I do, I will go to lie down in prison for 15 days.

Foto: SPC/Eparhija valjevska

When asked how will it all look like, he said through laughter:

A drunk priest is widely known: People can't wait for him to retire, he was driving next to the deceased in the village where he serves as a punishment

- I have no idea, I can't even imagine it. Some new laws came where you can't even pay, and what happens, happens. The judge said that I got a minor sentence. Luckily they left me for the village saint patron's day, St Nicolaus, so I will go after it to serve my sentence. 


This case reminded of the drunk priest Nenad Obradovic from the village Drugovac near Smederevo who got so drunk that he laid down to the coffin and he drove to the cemetery, where he barely held the requiem. He was holding the nearby gravestone.

Foto: Facebook/Svastarica oglasi/Daki Pantic

He even lost his lamp along the way, and the van took him home after the funeral.

At the end of February this year, the police stopped a car near Mrcajevci with priest Milan Jordovic (41) and religious education teacher Zoran Marinkovic (43). They found 27 kilos of drugs in the car. According to the investigation, they were in love affair, despite the fact that the priest was married and that he has a child.

Jordovic wasn't wearing his robes and his partner was dressed in women's clothes, so the police officers didn't understand at first that it wasn't a woman.

The locals said all the best for the priest, but not for the teacher - they said that he was kinky and they considered him the devil in the church.

(Telegraf.co.uk / J.Stakic / j.stakic@telegraf.com)

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