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Bloody drinking: He accused his friend of stealing the phone, and then he beat him to death (PHOTO)

K. I. (31) is suspected of murder and R. K. (43) for assisting in a criminal offense

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B.R. (41) from Djevdjelija, little city at the far south of Macedonia, paid with his life for the quarrel that allegedly started about stolen phone. The police arrested his friends K.I. (31) and R.K. (43) who are suspected of committing the murder, and R.K. for assisting in a criminal offense.

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- According to the documented finds from the investigation, it is determined that K.I. came to the family home of R.K. two nights ago in Djevdjelija, where he found the victim B.R. with the host. As soon as he arrived, he took out the bottle of brandy and they started drinking. There was a verbal fight at one moment where K.I. accused B.R. of stealing his mobile phone - said Hrizantema Rendevska from the police department Strumica.

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- After few glasses of brandy and fighting, K.I. attacked B.R. hitting him with fists in his face, but he didn't stop there. He continued hitting him in cold blood until he killed him.

- When B.R. wasn't showing any signs of life, K.I. and R.K. moved the body into another room, and them R.K. tried to cover the evidence. After that K. I. went to spend the night at his friend - said Rendevska.

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The crime was reported by the ambulance worker yesterday morning at 6:50, saying that B.R. was found dead in R.K. family house.

Based on the gathered evidence, police from Djevdjelija arrested the two suspects. It was determined that they were "dead drunk" at the time of the murder. It was determined that K.I. had 4.56 blood alcohol concentration, and R.K 2.53. Urine samples were taken from both of them for additional analysis.

Criminal charges were filed against them and they were put into 30-day detention. The body of the murdered B. R. was taken to the autopsy. 

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