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Who is a tough guy, "Bentley" driver, who smashed into the car with president Vucic? (PHOTO)

Blood analysis and urine showed that Radulovic was driving under the influence of alcohol and psychoactive substances, while no narcotics were found in the other two, nor were they drunk

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Luka Radulovic, a driver of the black "Bentley" with the Spanish registration plates that drove to the car with the president of Serbia inside, was previously known to the police. Austrian police issued a warrant two months ago, "Novosti" finds out.

Bosnian worked as treasurer and stole 270,000 marks from the bank like the thief from Hollywood!

Radovic is suspected that he had a conflict with two men from Chechnya in one Vienna club and that he wounded them. He has been hiding in Serbia since until Saturday when he hit the hit the car in 8:20 on Topcider with President Vucic inside.

He and two other young men who were with him in a car were detained for up to 30 days in order not to influence witnesses. An analysis of blood and urine showed that Radulovic was driving under the influence of alcohol and psychoactive substances, while no narcotics were found in the other two, nor were they drunk.

All three, however, claim that they just wanted to go for a ride.

- We didn't even notice the row of cars, we were driving, we did a few circles, it was nice. Only when they stopped us, after half an hour, they told us that the President Vucic was in the car - said the young men from "Bentley" yesterday in High Prosecutor's Office.

Foto: Facebook/Luka Radulovic

As they said, all three of them work at the club "Nana" on Senjak, where former footballer Ivica Dragutinovic often comes who gave them his "Bentley" to go for a ride with words: "Guys, here's the money, pour some gas in it." In addition to "Nana", the three also work as security in clubs "River" and "Blaywatch", and they work in the security agency owned by MMA fighter Dusan Panajotovic.

- That car is expensive and luxurious, inaccessible to them. They used the opportunity to drive when there is not much traffic. They drove faster and they made a couple of laps, and Military Police stopped them. Only one of the boys was under the influence of narcotics - said the source of investigation.

Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič

The lawyer Nevena Protic, representing Pancevac and Dukic, who were in the car with Radulovic, said that they are good guys.

- They were not convicted, no cases are being taken against them. These guys work as security and their parents are worried after everything that has happened. They didn't have the conflict with the law - said Protic.

Unlike them, Radulovic was arrested last year, when 10 grams of cocaine were found in his possession. He received multiple criminal charges for robbery, possession, and distribution of narcotics as well as violent behavior.

Foto: Pixabay, Marko Todorović

Radulovic is securing the clubs around the Europe. The last time he was working as security in a restaurant in Vienna. He had a conflict with certain people from Chechnya and he wounded two in a clash with weapons. He has been in Serbia since then and Austrian police are searching for him to determine what was happening in that place.

- Luka is close to Milos Nilovic, also known as Runjo. Runjo was arrested a few months ago for illegal possession of weapons. He is working with Filip Korac and Luka Bojovic, and with them with "Skaljarski clan". Luka is "doing some business for him" - said the source close to the investigation.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Vecernje Novosti)

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