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Milos' pregnant fiancee Snezana is still in critical condition: She is still in shock room and she doesn't know that her boyfriend is dead


The biggest problem is the contusion of the chest

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The health condition of Snezana Rudinac, 24, who was seriously injured in Becici in a traffic accident last Tuesday, when her fiance Milos Vukomanovic lost his life (25), is unchanged, and she is in critical condition in a shock room under the watchful eye of doctors at the Military Medical Academy.

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Snezana suffered from life-threatening injuries in the night between last Tuesday and Wednesday and she was transported to the hospital in Kotor settlement Risan, and she was then taken with a helicopter for further treatment in Belgrade on MMA. The health condition of the girl is still critical.

- Snezana's condition is still unchanged, she is still in shock room, she has been here since Thursday night when she was transported with a helicopter - they said from MMA.

Foto: Facebook/Milos Vukomanovic

The girl suffered a head, foot, throat, and thorax injuries in the accident where she and her fiance were hit by a car, but in spite of serious injuries, she is not in a coma.

The biggest problem is the contusion of the chest, and Snezana is receiving oxygen and she can't communicate. When she wakes up she becomes upset, and that is why the doctors are giving her medicines which help her sleep.

Snezana still doesn't know that she lost her fiancee Milos who was killed on the spot. 

According to the unofficial information, Snezana's parents are visiting her daughter in the hospital, and they are following her daughter from the moment the tragedy occurred. They first traveled to Montenegro from Kraljevo, and now they are in Belgrade. There was no one home at their house in Kraljevo yesterday.

Foto: Facebook/Milos Vukomanovic

Snezana and Milos ran across the street in the night between July 17 and 18 where an old crosswalk used to be and the car smashed into them, driven by E. A., a painter and a daughter of a former police officer and a businessman from Budva.

Milos, who died on the spot, was buried last Thursday, the same day when  Snezana was taken to Belgrade in a very serious condition.

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