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Spanish Miss is being rescued by Serbian doctors, she is fighting an important battle: The best team of surgeons will try to save her leg


They discarded an amputation and they decided to give another chance to the girl

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Former Miss of Marbella Spaniard Olatz Bilbao Gonzales (20), who was seriously injured in a car explosion in Zemun, is waiting impatiently to have a leg surgery at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade, which should be performed today by a team of the best Serbian doctors! 

Strong explosion next to the kindergarten and a school in Dubrovnik: A bomb was thrown at the car (VIDEO)

Despite the fact that Olatz initially asked to leave Serbia and seek medical treatment in her native Spain, she nevertheless changed her mind and placed confidence in Serbian surgeons.

- Olatz was transferred from Clinical Hospital Center "Zemun" to the Military Medical Academy on Wednesday. She still has her high spirits, although she has a serious injury of her knee and a part of the shin. She understands that this is a battle of a lifetime and that she has to win it. She is impatiently waiting for the surgery. After additional diagnostics on MMA, the doctors discarded an amputation and they decided to do reconstruction - the source said for Alo and stated that she will have a long recovery. 

Foto: Instagram.com/chcaniggia

- The reconstruction surgery won't be easy, and the best team of Serbian doctors is prepared to save the leg of the Miss. The girl calmed down after the initial shock over the situation she was in. She will have the best possible care at the MMA and she realizes that she has to be strong due to the seriousness of the injury. She is not mentioning leaving from Serbia, she will stay in Belgrade for at least one month, until her condition stabilizes. She believes in Serbian doctors and she has no special demands from the medical staff - the source concluded.

Foto: Facebook/Olatz Bilbao

Former Miss of Marbella was injured in the night between August 10 and  11 in an explosion in Nova Galenica, and the bomb was planted under the car of Strahinja Stojanovic (28), who, allegedly, went to the house at the time of the accident for a phone that he had forgotten.

It is suspected that Stojanovic was close to Saranovic family, who were killed during criminal charges and whose family has been in conflict with the clan of Luka Bojovic since 2009. Paja Stojanovic, the father of the attacked Strahinja Stojanovic, was killed in Zemun with a few shots in 2015.

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