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Bravo for the best Serbian doctors: They took a lung through a 3 cm incision!

There was no room for error, because tumor was on a specific place

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Zorka Janicic (71) from Belgrade had her lung with tumor taken out through the miniature 3 cm incision, which is the first case like this in Serbia

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In addition to tumors, Zorka's condition was made difficult because of cardio-vascular problems, and diabetes, thus the operation was very risky.

There was no room for error, because tumor was on a specific place, which carried a risk of unintentional cutting of the main pulmonary artery, which would result in fatal outcome.

The patient was operated on May 15, and stitches were taken off yesterday, she is feeling well.

- When i came to Military Medical Academy, the entire team was breathing like one soul. No matter the level of danger from the bad outcome of the surgery, everything went well. Only time needs to pass by to get my voice back - said Zorka Jancic for "Blic" while smiling.

Tumor on her lungs was discovered in March, and knowledge that she was sick caused great stress.

Foto: Profimedia/Corbis

Foto: Profimedia/Corbis

- I could not even imagine i have a tumor. I was just coughing, but very strong cough, as if i had allergy on everything. I went from doctor to doctor until one said we should do bronchoscopy. That feeling was terrible. I didn't expect such a thing, when i took the results and i read the word "cancer" it was terrible, I don't know how i lived after that. That is the worst disease, and i got it. Luckily, i was operated quickly. I remember that they poked me and i fell asleep and i woke up with oxygen mask with pains that were not so terrible. I was happy because i survived - said Zorka happily.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Nebojsa Maric, who has completed an international course for the so-called uniportal VATS surgery at the University of Tonga in China, Zorka's situation was really specific.

Foto: Profimedia/Corbis

Foto: Profimedia/Corbis

Because of comorbidities, it was not possible to do an open surgery, so they recommended only local radiation, which means that the tumor would remain where it is, while this radical surgery enabled her to go home after five days without tumor.

- The incisions were made from the nipple to the spine before, the patients were opened very wide and ribs were separated. This is the first time we took entire lung through small incision. Tumor was from the left side, on the end of left main bronchus, it wasn't big, only three centimeters, but it was hard to get to it. We entered the incision with camera and instruments and got it all out. It was risky because there are vital blood vessels - explains dr Maric.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Blic)

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