The murderer from Ruzveltova street in Belgrade has died

He has succumbed to injuries in the Shock room A

Nebojsa Stojilkovic, who created massacre yesterday morning in Ruzveltova street in Belgrade, who murdered his colleague and seriously injured the other one, has succumbed to injuries at the department Shock A of the Emergency Center in Belgrade.

10 MINUTES OF DRAMA IN BELGRADE: A programmer (30) shot his former colleague, he ran out of the company and tried to kill himself! (PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

Two workers of the programming company are in life danger.

Besides Marko Filipovic (36), who was shot by Nebojsa, Igor Radenkovic (42) is also in a bad situation who avoided bullets by escaping through the window and injured his spine and his ankles.

Watch how they took out the body of one of the victim: 


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