Yugoslavia is Hiroshima of Balkans: Children are massively dying from cancer, people are sterile. Vedrana Rudan accuses Clinton!

"Clinton, that smiling boy, destroyed all of our lives for the next 1200 years"

The controversial Croatian writer this time was more emotional but no less harsh. In this new blog, she is looking on the various thoughts the book "Hiroshima" by John Hersey started. She clearly sends the message that she is sick with various comments of the new American President, who is according to her, representative of everything America truly is, and we all have to look at the fact that Yugoslavia is actually Hiroshima, that people are getting massively sick from the depleted uranium, and that we all forgot by the way who is the main (american) culprit for our suffering. 

This is the answer to analyst that angered Balkan: Bosnia is on the brink of boiling, some would like to handle it with aspirin, others with amputation

We convey her entire column "Hiroshima on Balkans" to you:

"I read the book "Hiroshima" by Josh Hersey. The book is around a hundred pages, and it costs 49 kuna. The story is simply as a master-piece can be. I will write what is written on the back of the book. "The book HIROSHIMA, masterpiece reportage of journalism legend John Hersey, published on the occasion of 70 years of the first american edition. Reportage was published in The New Yorker August 31st 1946 in its integral form, which is unique case in the history of journalism. Hersey devastating report on mass destruction echoed the entire planet. Albert Einstein bought a thousand copies alone just so he could share it with his friends. HIROSHIMA was translated to Croatian language for the first time in 1952, published by the Association of Croatian Journalists, and the new edition translated by Ljudevita Stantic is presented by Sandorf and the Croatian Journalists' Association."

I will move away from the book. We are listening about disaster of world scales and it was caused by the election of Trump for the president of USA. There is no being, from Hollywood actors and actresses, porn starts and little stars, writers, "analysts", both from world and home, that are not disgusted with Hitler apparition from world street. Dear Croatian columnist of mine writes that Trump is "our new leader in the time that comes, the time where goodness, compassion, generosity and decency wont mean anything." U was touched by this sentence. It must be a good feeling believing that Trump arrival got us out of time of "goodness, compassion, generosity and decency".  

Our famous Yugoslav actress currently living in America described the horror which is rampaging in her soul and it is aftermath of "orange man" appearing on the american political scene. She won't be greeted anymore with a wide smile by Obama from the giant poster but Evil she can't and won't look. She will pass by a giant photo of the "Monster", like it is nothing.

Foto: Tanjug/AP, e-stock.us/Aleksandar Baclija

Foto: Tanjug/AP, e-stock.us/Aleksandar Baclija

The actress seems decent. I never thought of calling the president of now my country with such a vulgar vocabulary. You could expect from me to call her favorite president who just left the White House "Eary nigger" bitter for killing and making millions of people homeless, but it is generally known that i am not polite and and that criminal who committed monstrous crimes far greater monster that the one which might do them, no matter how "orange it may be". 

Our boy, and now famous american writer,  jumped in war against "The Orange one". And he said: "To write about America, we have to be prepared to lose everything, we have to admit we never had something we thought we had, we have to abandon hope and accept the fight, we have to fight on the streets in our sentences..."

Analyst next to analyst. They are all kinds of sorts, domestic or foreign. overnight they all disregarded the fact that we have been living in democratic fascism for decades. What is Trump that Merkel is not? What Trump is and Bush wasn't, what Trump is and European american servants wasn't? All thesis of all analysts that are spitting against Trump are just a thesis of manipulators. Trump is an easy target because he is against "civilized world" that wipes their hands before and after every depletion of body. For him they are just stupids that don't even disturb his orange ten.

The story is much simpler than it looks like. We know how strong the america is as a country, everybody knows that "Trump can't happen" to america unless they allow it. When i say "America", i mean the few that is ruling it and the world. If Trump is not fitting them right, he won't be there at all. Or they would tell him at start to back down, or if he was unseasonably stubborn, they would shoot him. It wouldn't be their first time. So, Trump is a choice of Americans that are ruling America, they decided on naked American, let him speak what they are thinking, actresses can have hots for him, singers, "analysts", "great feathers" and "Two foreheads" which refused to perform on his inauguration. Ha ha. Since when do world actors, singers, players have the right to decide about anything. Their speeches are so firm they don't even decide bout the hair on their crotches.

Foto: Guliver/Getty Images

Foto: Guliver/Getty Images

Lets return to "Hiroshima". John Hersey published his essay about american crime in The New Yorker in 1946. Bomb on Hiroshima was thrown precisely at 8:15 in the morning, on 6th August 1945 Japan time. Do you get it how much time it took Hersey to understand what is the crime?

I ask a question to our actresses, singers, philosophers, columnists, great American writer who was once our boy, at what time precisely, of what day, and on what year was the first bomb with depleted uranium thrown on Belgrade? At what hours and what minutes and on what day did the next one follow? I am sure that from thousands of "our" haters of Trump, not one knows the answer to this question. YUGOSLAVIA is HIROSHIMA, and Trump did not make it Hiroshima, but Clinton did, who is in perception of a hero of my story a Fucker, and not a Criminal. I have to make something clear, YUGOSLAVIA is not only Belgrade, YUGOSLAVIA is Split, Sarajevo, Pristina and Opatija, and Zagreb and Moscenicka Draga, and Adriatic sea and...  

I love Trump because he is America. Pure. Clean. Essential. Without crossed fingers in his pocket. He is what America has been for several decades, a creature, this time, not wrapped in democratic fascism. I wouldn't write this pointless text if i hadn't read HIROSHIMA. Simply, it breaks my heart seeing children massively dying form cancer, young mothers, boys are sterile, babies born with three cancers, Clinton, that smiling boy, destroyed the lives of all of us on this areas for the next 1200 years, and no one even thinks about writing a book YUGOSLAVIA.

And Hemon, Hemon is a really talented boy... "To write about America, we have to be prepared to lose everything..." Hemon, why are you prepared to lose everything to write about America and you don't write about YUGOSLAVIA where we lost everything and you and your children, and your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren, and your great great grandchildren, and your great great great grandchildren... O, sancta simplicitas!"

(Telegraf.co.uk / source: rudan.info)

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