Mysterious white van kidnaps children in Slavonia: The driver offers chocolate and ice cream to children, and then takes them to unknown direction?

The news about the people from the white van who offer candy to children to lure them, and then take them somewhere, is not new on Slavonia

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Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia,

Mother of a 12 year old boy made a real uproar when she published over Facebook that her son was almost kidnapped on Monday evening around 21 PM in the suburb Jug 2 in Osijek. 

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- Attention people… Half an hour ago my son was stopped by white van with no licence plates in Sibenik street on Jug 2. He offered chocolate and ice cream to him to to “take him home”… we informed the police and now we want to get your attention… people of Osijek, watch and warn your children, share!!! – wrote this woman from Osijek, reports Glas Slavonije.

Mother contacted police who immediately talked to the boy, but during the interview the boy kept changing his statement which made the work cut out for the police.

– We inform you that on 17 April received a tip as outlined in your email’s (the mother of a 12-year-old on Fejbuku, author’s remark). After the interview, the police were unable to confirm the veracity of notification – answer from the Police Department of the Osijek-Baranja.

Foto: Wikimedia / Drazenvk

Foto: Wikimedia / Drazenvk

The news about the people from the white van who offer candy to children to lure them, and then take them somewhere, is not new on Slavonia. Two months ago it was seen in Pozega, and the story goes that two men followed a child who went to the building in a last moment.

The police joined the chase, and one citizen described in detail the people who were around Catholic school. 

Darijo Premec,  Police spokesman for the Osijek-Baranja, said for “Slobodna Dalmacija” that although the story of a boy from Osijek was impossible to verify, if citizens notice any suspicious persons or vehicles, they should immediately contact the police on 192.

The police will come out to the scene and determine the facts.

– So far there has not been a single report about a white van that was not justified, so there is no need to spread panic and unnecessary anxiety to the public – according to police.


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