Fake prince of Montenegro and Macedonia arrested in Italy: He introduced as Crnojevic descendant and he socialized with elite, he tricked Pamela (PHOTO)

"His majesty" was at the same table as princess Irena of Greece and Denmark in Athens two weeks ago, and he was on F1 races in Monaco with Sheikh and super models

Stefan Cernetic
Foto: Facebook/Stefan Cernetic

Italian police arrested certain Stefan Cernetic because he introduced himself as "Prince of Montenegro and Macedonia" for years and and crossed many representatives of Jet set, living on their expense and offering cooperation.

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Cernetic and his aide were accused of misrepresentation and falsification of documents, and for a black Mercedes which was decorated with flags and stickers of Montenegrin diplomatic corps and they used to drive it all over Europe, will receive a special punishment.

Thanks to profiles on social networks, full of pictures from elite events, as well as the website through which he placed the false news, Stefan Cernetic (57) from Turin managed to present himself as a descendant of Crnojevic and as a "prince of Montenegro and Macedonia" to the world, writes Repubbica.it.

Ostentatious title stomped numerous representatives of Italian and international jet-set, it provided entry to the false prince to the elite parties and mayor receptions, the high priests and the real descendants of the royal families.

"His majesty" was at the same table as princess Irena of Greece and Denmark in Athens two weeks ago, and he was on F1 races in Monaco with Sheikh and super models.

Famous playboy bunny Pamela Anderson is also on the list of crossed people. Not only that she believed in the legitimacy of the heir of Montenegro and Macedonia, but she knelled before him, to receive a title of Countess of 'lily of Santa Maria Ligure "and was named the" Great Lady of Montenegro ".

On the "solemn ceremony" to mark the declaration of title, Pamela also gave a speech, said Repubbica.it.

- Your Majesty, I'm truly honored and grateful for this recognition of the Imperial house of Montenegro and i am moved by your generosity - said the actress to Stefan Cernetic.

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Her children also got the title, they were declared Montenegrin knights.

Mayor of Monopoli Emilio Romani was also crossed, who prepared a rich reception for the fake prince, and the pictures from the event were published on the website of the city. It is seen on social networks that prominent Catholic and Orthodox priests did not suspect his identity.

For years he lived at the top of the food chain, and he went so far as to order his portrait to be made. His site princeofmontenegroandmacedonia.eu echoes the song "Oh, bright dawn mother, Our mother Montenegro".

But the fairy tale full of expensive drinks, beautiful women, good cars, luxury villas and expensive cigars, it had to come to an end. In an elite resort in Fusina,  Prince made a bulky account, and the manager then forwarded it to the Embassy of Macedonia in Italy. The reply came as a cold shower - do not send us the bills, we do not have a prince, and I certainly do not share it with Montenegro.

He immediately informed the Italian Ministry of Interior, which sent the image of Cernetic and his companions to all offices in the area. Police were told to pay attention to Mercedes decorated with Montenegrin flags and if they noticed it, to stop it - statesman features are false, and the man in the car does not possess any diplomatic immunity or privilege of a single international relations. Meanwhile, fake Stefan Cernetic enjoyed his stay.

Taking in consideration that not only politicians and rich enterpreteurs fell for his acting, but also important people from the entire Europe, the knowledge about the fake prince disturbed the public so much that Carabinieri intervened from Brindisi, Turin, Bergamo and Avelina, writes Repubbica.it.

Italian media do not state exactly why it took almost a year to open the case and to arrest Carnetic, but they they list that that diplomatic passports, stickers diplomatic corps, international awards, certificates royal house Montenegro and various degrees were confiscated during the arrest.


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