SCANDALOUS ANNOUNCEMENT FROM SERBIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH: They accused Telegraf of making things up without the knowledge of the Patriarch! This is the proof that priests around Irinej - ARE LYING (PHOTO)

The announcement was signed with "From the Office of His Holiness", which means that people around the patriarch Irinej, which we have already warned about - tried to prevent, on his own behalf, and without patriarchal knowledge, further publication of the truths about the stealing in the top of the Serbian Orthodox Church

An announcement appeared yesterday on the website of Serbian Orthodox Church at 10:47, which should relate to the texts of the internet portal Telegraf.rs, our videos and discoveries about the thefts and crime in the top of Serbian Orthodox Church.

EXCLUSIVE! SECRET VIDEO FROM THE CHURCH: Watch a PRIEST STEALING MONEY in a Temple of St. Sava from the safe for sick and poor (VIDEO)

We emphasize, "should", because the announcement was not signed by the Patriarch, Mister Irinej, nor the official spokesman of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Bishop of Backa Irinej Bulovic, nor the vicar (deputy) of the Serbian Patriarch - his holiness Mister Antonije. The announcement was scandalously signed with "From the Office of His Holiness", which means that the people around the Patriarch (whose names we will also soon announce), tried in the Patriarch's name and, without his knowledge, to prevented further disclosure of truths about the theft at the very top of the Serbian Orthodox Church.


Printskrin: spc.rs


In the announcement, signed with "From the Office of His Holiness" said that texts were published on our internet and printed versions, although Telegraf.rs doesn't have a printed version nor we have anything to do with daily newspapers Srpski Telegraf (if the people from the "Office of his Holiness" thought about them).

It is said that series of texts about financial reports of Saint Sava Temple were based on maliciously interpreted semi-truths and deliberately placed lies, although it is clearly stated in the REPORTS ABOUT THE CONTROL in the Temple that they were conducted PERSONALLY BY PATRIARCH IRINEJ, so it turns out from this announcement that the first man of the Serbian Orthodox Church is not telling the truth. We would say that those who published this announcement in Patriarch's name were - lying.

This scandalous announcement of Serbian Orthodox church was not signed by Serbian Patriarch, mister Irinej, and we have reliable information that he didn't even know about it. The texts published by Telegraf have been hidden from the Patriarch for days, about the stealing and the crime in the Temple of St. Sava and Serbian Orthodox church. People around the Patriarch give statements and send announcements in his name without his knowledge for different medias, representing their thoughts as the opinions of the Patriarch. Also, this announcement was not signed by the official spokesman of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Bishop of Backa, mister dr. Irinej, nor was it signed by the vicar (deputy) of Serbian Patriarch - his holiness mister Antonije. 

But, precisely mister Antonije, together with the Patriarch and three more people signed a document that read REPORT ABOUT THE CONTROL OF THE BUSINESS OPERATIONS IN THE TEMPLE OF SAINT SAVA, and it can be seen without a doubt that numerous irregularities have been discovered in the temple. 

Foto: Telegraf

Because of this Telegraf will publish the ENTIRE REPORT about the control in the Temple of Saint Sava (you can see only the first page of the report above), which was done PERSONALLY BY PATRIARCH IRINEJ, which shows that people around the first man of the Serbian Orthodox Church are trying to cover up the thefts and crime. Precisely because of that, and also because of desire to reveal all malversations, stealings, and lies in the top of the Serbian Church that brings shame to all honest priests and believers.

WE WILL PUBLISH THE VIDEOS FROM SECURITY CAMERAS, where it can be seen everything that was written in the safe, and it concerns uncounted money, secret saves, scandalous surpluses of money, illegal loans... in the report done personally by His Holiness Serbian Patriarch, mister Irinej.

Foto: Pixabay, Street view

Please note that Telegraf warned a few days ago in THIS TEXT that people around Irinej will try to stop him from reaching the information, and that they keep Irinej under control for some time, almost without the possibility to contact benevolent people. 

All the secret videos and all material about the stealing, all evidence we possess, we are willing to give them to the investigation organs, and we will ask them to conduct investigation of many decades of crime in the top of the Serbian Orthodox Church, where believers, but also the state of Serbia, and the Serbian church were damaged for many millions of euros.

We invite all people who in the Patriarch's name, and without his knowledge, hide behind the signature "From the office of his Holiness" to step out publically and to say what's not the truth in Telegraf texts. If they claim that no report is correct then let them, under their own name, accuse the Patriarch (who conducted the investigation) of malicious interpreted lies. We don't do that! But - we accuse them of trying to cover up the thefts.

In the name of all honest priests, deacon, bishop, and believers of the Serbian Orthodox Church! Because not all priests are - thieves!

In the name of Telegraf.rs - Aleksandar Jovanovic, editor in chief



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