WE REVEAL THE GREATEST SECRET OF THE SERBIAN CHURCH (PART 2): How much money is stolen on the candles, where do donations go, secret safes, multi-million loans... (PHOTO)

On September 18, a five-member commission entered the Temple and sealed all the rooms. The patriarch was shocked with what was found during extraordinary control, to put it mildly. They were stealing with candles, secret safes were found, and the reports about the loans of 1.86 million, which is strictly forbidden by the constitution of the church

One of the greatest public secrets in Serbia is: priests are thieves! This is an insult for each sincere Orthodox men... And everybody knows that all priests are not the same, nor they are all thieves... But... 

On one side there are most of the orthodox priests, lead by his holiness, Serbian Patriarch Mr. Irinej truly fights to preserve the soul of Orthodoxy, living modestly as instructed by religion, on the other side, the minority is stealing money from donations, lobbying for the similar like them, and the money given to charity ends up in secret vaults and pockets of individuals. Criminals among priests live arrogantly with the stolen money, some even distribute drugs, open jewelry stores, but fast cars, while others live on the brink of poverty, according to the principles of Saint Sava. And they suffer from the insults because of the priests-thieves.

After several months of extensive research involving the team of journalists, Telegraf.rs found documents, pictures, and footage showing that there has been stealing for years, how they divided the money... 

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Foto: Telegraf

When the story about years of thievery in the Temple of Sait Sava and stealing of 750.000 euros annually reached the Patriarch and when he organized the team of people who will deal with the destruction of crime in the church on August 1, 2017 (by appointing the Archimandrite Stefan), a new, final chapter of this story begins:


- Six days later, on August 7, Archimandrite Stefan took the position from Bishop Arsenije. When the place is being handed over, the one handing the duty has to give registers, safes, warehouses, control room, control of ritual books, literally everything, to the last little cross, and it has to be recorded. Instead of that, during the handover, just one paper was made. There were irregularities and Patriarch asked for a new control to be performed. He hired a five-member commission, which entered the temple on 18 September in 14:00 h, and sealed all rooms with money and did the investigation, by the order of his holiness. The patriarch was shocked with what was found during extraordinary control, to put it mildly. From the five safes in the Parish home of the Temple of Saint Sava, only two were listed in the records. 

Foto: Telegraf

The Commission notes that there are surpluses of UNKNOWN OR UNCOUNTED money in the safes (to explain it in the economic dictionary: the appearance of a "surplus" of cash in the treasury is a serious failure, rather than missing money, because excess means obvious manipulation of money - editorial note), but also incredible cash shortfalls and it is unknown where the money went. The report was done two days later, and the situation was direr than it was presumed at first. The report concludes a proposal and awaits the reaction of his Holiness, Patriarch Irinej, who is determined to stop these many years long malversations in the Temple, said the source to Telegraf.

Telegraf source said that it was discovered that there are five safes in the Temple of Sait Sava.

- One safe is for the uncounted money, which sounds incredible as it is. The other is a treasury of the Great Temple, and the third is the treasury of the Small Temple. The fourth safe remained unclear after investigation, because it is under control of the treasurer of the Great Temple, and no one knew that the safe existed until the last investigation, and the fifth one is for the sick and poor, which officially wasn't registered. So nothing in the temple was officially listed that it exists, except the safes in Grand and Small temples. And millions have passed through those safes. 

Foto: Telegraf


The source of Telegraf reveals what happens with the money that the people leave in donation boxes and on icons in the Temple of St. Sava:

- Everything from the icons, for sick and poor, for the national kitchen, for Kosovo and Metohija, is moved to the room for counting, and from there, it is taken to the internal treasury, which has a safe. Everything gathered goes to the internal treasury. From there, it is all later given to the Economy Foundation in the Patriarchy which gathers all the funds that church receives for certain points. However, instead of doing it that way, the donations went to the safes nobody knew about.

Foto: Vladimir Milovanović

As our source said, manipulation with the money from donations is "just a small part of the entire picture":

- They were stealing on candles, they tried stealing the part of the 4.4 million euros given to do a mosaic in the dome, by trying to set up some of their own companies for elevators. The special story is stealing on candles, through so-called "surplus". Those surpluses are a specific thing in the Temple, and they go up to 900.000 to one million dinars per month. And those are surpluses of the candles in the Temple, because there is a counter with the candles on the right side from the entrance, with a writing "you can take the candle yourself, leave donations according to your capabilities". There is always more money, more than the number of candles that were taken, and that amount of money wasn't counted. In the report from August 5th, one million 68 thousand and 3 thousand euros of loans were registered, and it was not said to who are those loans going, nor to what time period, nor what for, and it is forbidden by the constitution of the church, reveals the source of Telegraf, close to the top of Serbian Orthodox Church, and he said that it is very important to see this until the end, because "some people try their best to cover it up, so they could continue stealing.

Foto: Telegraf

- What is currently happening in the Temple are attempts to push everything under the rug, to wait for the things to settle before they can continue stealing, because it is a big "game" and serious numbers. A team hired by the Patriarch put an end to the criminal activities has been prevented multiple times from accessing the documents, surveillance cameras, and two women appeared in the whole story, and no one knows why are they in the Temple and under whose authority they give orders, take over hobs, and they weren't authorized by any document to do so. The only thing known is that they were brought by the elder of the Temple. The Patriarch can't be even informed about that because even the people around him are in fear since Telegraf has started this series of texts.


(Telegraf.co.uk / Aleksandar Jovanovic) 

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Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

(Telegraf.co.uk / Aleksandar Jovanovic)

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