ENGLISH EXPERT CLAIMS: Yugoslavia would be world power, and Belgrade - Europe's capital (PHOTO)

- What would have happened if Yugoslavia survived? Surely the would would be entirely different place. First of all, because of the Non-Aligned Movement presence, European union would be much weaker and much less influential in the world. The whole Europe would come to Belgrade, and from there to all six republics that are now fighting over Brussels' crumbs - writes Phil Butler

We are all aware of the "facts". First of all, Yugoslavia fell apart because of the West influence because they did not find it good for them to have a strong and powerful country in the heart of Europe. Second, Yugoslavia would have never fallen apart if the Yugoslav people did not have that seed of breakdown, if they weren't fertile ground for downfall.

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Taking in consideration those two things, we decided to show you the most interesting parts of the copyright work "How Yugoslavia was Syrianized 25 years ago" by Phil ButlerBritish expert for East Europe.

We believe that many chapters will surprise you, and some of them will amaze you because of the "what if" parts. Many of you, that have lived in former Yugoslavia, would close your eyes and cry because you will understand that you lost much more than a common state. Lost in the light of the future it could have been.

"In the alternate universe, what would have happened if Yugoslavia still existed?" In this key moment of history, it is absolutely necessary to deal with the events in the past 25 years, and Yugoslavia and West intervention in it is maybe the best place to start.

Foto: Profimedia/Alamy

Foto: Profimedia/Alamy

Can you imagine Europe where Yugoslavia is one of the key players? I can. Yugoslavia was actually one of the biggest cultural and social experiments in the history.

It was formed and the border of Austro-Hungary monarchy and the Ottoman empire, Yugoslavia has connected the people from both cultural circles in a way that it was not seen since Alexander the Great. 

Experiment lasted for more than half a century, and the idea was to create an unique state for all South Slavic nations. Although Yugoslavia was partially Britain and France's geo-strategic project with the goal to restrain Germany, it was basically a reasonable and legal idea. 

Foto: Wikipedia/DIREKTOR

Foto: Wikipedia/DIREKTOR

Corfu declaration called for constitutional monarchy similar to the one in England, even though king Aleksandar suspended the constitution and the elections in one moment, this project still seemed promising. War, political machinations, internal and external pressure have collapsed over this world power in its rise as it usually happens in these experiments, authoritative government became necessary, and even desirable.

When national hero, dictator, and global "celebrity" Josip Broz Tito came to power, Yugoslavia emerged to the world's scene in all its glory. His role in founding of the Non-Aligned movement was both generous and extremely important, especially for the people of the Yugoslavia itself; besides, its foundations were laid in Belgrade 1961.

When we see the breakdown of Yugoslavia from this perspective, one can see the geo-strategic thinking of Washington and no one needs research institute to know why Bill Clinton waited 1995 to intervened in Bosnia. Clinton actually just continued the policy of destabilisation on Yugoslavian socialism, which was formed by his predecessor George Bush senior. 

Foto: Profimedia/AFP

Foto: Profimedia/AFP

Now we know that the rebels, which were trained in secret by America, played the key role in fragmentation of the region with the organization known as the Atlantic brigade consisted of around 400 fighters, which fought on Kosovo, side by side with Kosovo Liberation Army.

The story of a French men that trained the members of the Atlantic brigade reminds of what has happened in Ukraine, Libya and Syria in the past few years. One could see the patters that lead us to the truth: horrible fields of death in legitimate state Yugoslavia, investors plunder what has left, stains on the hands of American presidents, British lords and Neo-Nazi German industrialists. 

Yugoslavia became a pattern for Afghanistan, Iraq, Arab spring and Ukraine. The story about genocide in the name of democracy is too disgusting to talk about it. Majority of people in these nations were set back 200 years, in the type of medieval existence without hope. The only today former Yugoslavs see in, naturally, EU and NATO.

Foto: cesi.fpn.unsa.ba

Foto: cesi.fpn.unsa.ba

In the Kosovo conflict, both sides committed crimes of course, as well in other Yugoslavian wars. That is not the point of what i am talking about, but the totality of the disaster.

Primarily, the peoples of former Yugoslavia do not have their own voice anymore. Secondly, the downfall of the nation lead to the death and persecution of millions of people. That is the other story. My "fantasy" about Yugoslavia should enlighten.

Yugoslavia was build on the idea that South Slavs should stop being weak and divided. The united nation of Yugoslavia was not an easy target of imperialistic intentions that we see today.

The fact is that after the World War II, socialistic Yugoslavia became European story about success. 

Foto: David Pužado

Foto: David Pužado

Between 1960 and 1980 that country experienced perhaps the most lively economical and social growth in the world: decent living standards, free health care and education, guarantied right for work, paid one month vacation, literacy rate over 90% and expected lifetime of 72 years.

As much as i know, non of the newly formed Balkan countries can boast with half of that prosperityIt was a progress that made West interest groups want to destroy Yugoslavia. 

All of the Yugoslav peoples also enjoyed free apartments, accessible public transportation and utilities. Non profit companies were also in the public hands, which did not suit well with Western democracy.


That country was not allowed to compete with Germany, France, and especially not with Britain, and London and Luxembourg bankers could not pull out billions from the socialistic system.

Yugoslavia had to die. 

Michael Parenti - awarded author and political scientist, hosting professor of Institute for studies on politics in Washington - described what was America's goal with Yugoslavia: to convert the Yugoslavian space in the Third world region that will not be able to continue to develop on its own, in the area with broken economy, with natural resources that are entirely open to multinational corporations (Kosovo is especially rich in minerals).

Also, the goal was to convert Yugoslavia into a space where poor but well educated and trained people live who will have to work for small wages and that will lead to the drop of salaries in Western Europe.

Foto-montaža: pixabay.com, Wikimedia

Foto-montaža: pixabay.com, Wikimedia

And one more thing: the goal was to breakdown oil, engineering, mining, automobile and fertilizer industry, and many more light industries, so they could not compete with already existent western manufacturers. 

On the Balkans, West has made Serbs look like demons, in Libya Colonel Gaddafi, in Syria Asad, and the pattern goes to Vladimir Putin, as the greatest trophy yet. That is the world we live in. With the strength of tranquilized American citizens who are drugged with stupidity of worthless thing and huge houses of super-capitalism: the world is taken over by tyrants.

But what would have happened if the Yugoslavia survived? What if that big ethnic and social experiment survived? Surely the would would be entirely different place today. 

Foto: informer.rs

Foto: informer.rs

First of all, because of the Non-Aligned Movement presence, European union would be much weaker and much less influential in the world. The whole Europe would come to Belgrade, and from there to all six republics that are now fighting over Brussels' crumbs.

In 1991 Yugoslavia was 24th in the world considering GDP. Bosnia and Herzegovina is 112th today and the situation is getting worse. Croatia is 76th although "Blumberg" recently put them on the list of World's 10 worst. Macedonia is 130th, Montenegro 149th, Slovenia 81st, Serbia 87th, and it seems to be more stable than all the rest.

From the personal perspective, i remember the prosperity moment of former Yugoslavia, winter Olympic games in Sarajevo in 1984. Those were the first winter games held in some communist country, and the torch went from Dubrovnik, over Split, Ljubljana, Zagreb and many other Yugoslavian cities, until it reached Sarajevo.

I do not remember the names of the gold medal winners, but i remember the mascot Vucko, the work of Slovenian painter Joze Trobec, which has carved into my memory for some reason. That little wolf presented the Balkan people. Wolfs play important part in Yugoslavian fairy tales, they are the embodiment of courage and symbol of winter. 

I am not thinking about what would have happened if that brave and strong people of Yugoslavia have won it all, but others mixed their fingers in their fate. Now, that nation is gone, forever".

You can read the entire text of Phil Butler on the site "Modern Diplomacy". 


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