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Dragan Petrovic is a photographer from Jagodina and he blew away the competition on the prestigious competition

The award motivates you to be better, to see if you can compete globally with colleagues, to position yourself better in another market

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One of our most famous photographers from these lands is Dragan Petrovic from Jagodina, who has been living in Belgrade for quite a few years now. He won the prestigious award on World Elite Photographer competition (WEP) among the great and strong competition of world renown names.


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- It is a prestigious competition of photographers all around the world and those who promote photos that have artistic, technical and emotional weight. I was a participant of Workshop who was connected to the wedding photos, where Cristiano Ostinelli shared his experiences. He is one of the most awarded photographers. I am very happy for him - said Petrovic.


This was the first award that Dragan Petrovic won and his first great recognition of his work.


The wining photo is actually a photo sent from the archive just out of curiosity.


- I like taking photos of people the most, and to capture some special moments through the composition, that won't leave you indifferent. The award motivates you to be better, to see if you can compete globally with colleagues, to position yourself better in another market. It is very important in your work. Digital age provides the possibility for everyone to do photography, i think that in today's time people are photographing much more than before. Of course, one should bare in mind that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder - he added.


He comes to Jagodina when he has the time, and he said that he would love to come more often, taking in consideration that his family is in this city.


- I started doing photography when i was a student as an extra activity, just to survive. Today, my whole family lives out of this job and "Foto Video Studio" where a lot of people are working. We created serious company that is competitive in any market. The most important thing for young photographers is the transition of doing photography as a hobby into something that should earn enough for a living, and if someone decides to make photography his profession he mush follow the market, to work on himself, to keep perfecting. Perfection and work on oneself never stops. It is very important for young photographers to know - said Dragan.


The aim of every future work is to make a photo that can go on competitions. It is actually a fight with yourself, to make sure that you have done the job right, always - said Dragan.


(Telegraf.co.uk / Infocentrala)

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