TERRIBLE CONFESION OF A SON OF MURDERED SERB: Azra made our neighbors lick the blood ofmy murdered father, and then she danced around his body

First they smashed his teeth, broke his bones, then they additionally scarified him with a knife, they made him walk on his knees over glass, with a belt around his neck, while the executioners broke his bones, she plunged the knife into his neck

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This is a shocking confession of Slavisa Djuras, son of the tortured Blagoje who was slaughtered by Azra Basic. 

If today's Croatia is a promoter of European values, i will not share those values

- First they smashed my father's teeth, broke his bones, then they additionally scarified him with a knife, they made him walk on his knees over glass, with a belt around his neck, while the executioners broke his bones, and then, Azra Basic, without a blink - slaughtered him! Then Croatian soldiers, with the members of home Croatian-Muslim units, lead by bloody Azra, danced around the dead body. She shouted: "One duke less".  

Foto:  Kentucky's U.S. Marshal's Service Foto: Kentucky's U.S. Marshal's Service

Slavisa Djuras (40) starts his shocking confession for "Novosti" about the death of his father Blagoje, on 26th April 1992 in the former Serbian scaffold and hell in Derventa Yugoslav People's Army home.  

For the first time, our portal shares years of of pilled up sorrow caused by ruthless crime of the executioner, about the crime which is not only talked about in the region, but also the media in USA, where Azra was delivered on 22. November from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- What is even more scarier is that she made three of our neighbors, Radojica Garic, Dragan Kovacevic and Milo Kuzmanovic, lick and drink the blood from the cut throat of my father, as they personally told me. She asked them if instead of Chetnik, they would maybe prefer Ustasha blood - said with bitterness Slavisa Djuras.

Unlike Garic and Kovacevic, Mile Kuzmanovic, unfortunately won't wait for the monster to go before the face of justice. He passed away recently. Six broken ribs, almost smashed skull, torn nails, four "S" carved on the body, and other suffering that Azra and her brothers in crime put him through, contributed to his death. 

The atmosphere and happenings in today's House of Culture in Derventa, where a memorial plaque was erected at the entrance, were the ninth circle of hell. Among the executioners who are especially prominent in a terrible beating Blagoje Djuras, there  were also people of Dervenca, brothers Esad and Dervis Cavalic. They recently got five and five and a half years in prison, while Arza await a trial - for the slaughter.

Foto: tuzilastvobih.gov.ba Foto: tuzilastvobih.gov.ba

However, Azra did not make Blagoje's neighbors drink and lick the blood from his cut throat. She made them hold him, while they broke his bones. With the irony of fate, it will later prove vital in proving the identity of his remains.

The criminals did everything they could to cover up the tracks. Even with placing a rumor that Blagoje was seen somewhere abroad with the scar on his neck. Not until 2003, by a total chance, in the Zelenika region, six kilometers from Dereventa, remains of Blagoje Djuras were found. Using the underwater channel under the road, the worker of "Doboj-roads" took out the skull and then the separated body, rolled in a tarpaulin. 

- Luckily, our neighbor and his father's fellow sufferer came with me to identify him. He asked to see of one lace was missing from his trousers, since he remembered that it broke in his hands while he was forced to hold him while they were beating him. If we did not find the remains of my father, it is a question if we could talk like this about his tragic destiny today - concludes the shocking confession Slavisa Djuras.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Novosti.rs)

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