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We asked Belgrade's migrants if they knew attacker in Berlin: These are their answers

- It is an awful feeling knowing something like that happened, and it is even worse that they see all of us through that - said the migrants in Belgrade

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After the tragic news that echoed the world about Berlin terrorist attack where a man from Pakistan murdered 12 people with a truck, we visited our migrants on Train station, because the information leaked that the murderer used Balkan route to come to Germany.

No one is safe! Where are we on danger map of terrorism?

We asked them how do they feel about it and if they thought if one of them could be a terrorist.  

Considering that currently one of the greatest monsters in the world used Balkan route, we were interested if anyone perhaps saw him in Serbia or if anyone knows him?  

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

Wrapped in gray blankets, walking in hurry to their accommodation. However, smile was not missing. But, when we asked the first question, they changed their expressions immediately.

It is terrible what happened.  It is an awful feeling knowing something like that happened, and it is even worse that they see all of us through that. We are not all the same.

- There are extremist in every people, it doesn't mean that the entire country is like that. And, have we met the men who did this in Berlin? No! We don't even know how he looks like - they say.

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

We moved on and we found a slightly larger group of men from Syria.

- Horror! So many dead and it is really terrible what happened. Of course, the knowledge that it could be some of us is not pleasant - they say.

At the end, we encountered the group from Pakistan. The attacked from Berlin was identified as Pakistani, this is what his fellow citizens say.

- We found out about it today. We saw it on the internet. We don;t know him. We never saw him, and we are terribly sorry for what has happened... Of course, we feel very bad about it, he is one of ours - they said and moved on in a hurry.


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