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Russian prognosis for Europe in 2035: What Serbia receives, and loses what?

The analysis was done by Russian experts, according to CIA documents, the Russian GRU services and certain expert groups

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According to forecasts of Russian experts, 2035 Europe is waiting for drastic changes in terms of boundaries. This analysis is done by Russian experts, on the basis of documents the CIA, the Russian GRU services and expert groups with Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel Huntington as leaders.

British offers radical and dangerous solution: Best to make Great Serbia, Albania and Croatia!

What's most interesting of us is, of course, Serbia. We read about it few days ago from the former head of office of the British Embassy in Banja Luka, Timothy Lessand the theories match - territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina could be split between Serbia and Croatia.

So, to settle with Turkey, Great Albania would be formed consisting of Albania, Kosovo, part around Presevo and part of western Macedonia.


Foto: AP/Tanjug

Foto: AP/Tanjug

What also concerns us, Hungary would also regain part of its former territory in Romania and north Banat. Poland would have to give up the part of the territory after the new agreements between Russia and Germany. Belarus will disappear and will become part of Russia, as well as parts of Baltic states and Ukraine. It is considered that Russia won't be able to keep Chechnya and Dagestan. 

Scotland will in a repeated attempt declare independence, which will encourage Irish reunification. Catalans and Basques will declare independence from Spain, and the result will be the disintegration of multiculturalism in France. Islamic state will appear around Marseilles and Loren area with the center in Strasbourg will join the Germany, while Corsica will declare independence.

Belgium will fall apart,Flemish will join the Netherlands. Italy will fall apart to the rich north and the poor south, but Sicily and Sardinia will declare independence.


Slobodan Markovic, an associate professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, once said on this subject that the Russian experts fenced themselves that the changes will depend on social and political instability.

- If you compare the map of Europe in 1910 and 1920 we can be seen tremendous changes because four empires disappeared. No one could predict that - he said.

Markovic says that these maps hide political interests...

Foto: Wikipedia

Foto: Wikipedia

- Germany and Russia are getting a part of territories, but Russia also loses territory. Changes in the 20th century happened after the World War I and World War II and after the cold war. Changes occurred with us after the cold war. There is a possibility for new states to form. For example, by the constitution of Great Britain, that is allowed. In Belgium, the clubs are talking about changing the boundaries of the country. In some countries and there will be no major changes. If Scotland secedes it will still remain in a relationship with Great Britain - Markovic said to "Politika".

However, Markovic said that if border changes in western Europe based on agreement, it will become a model and he things that it is impossible for Islamic state to form around Marseilles and that Loren area in France won't join with Germany.

Predrag Markovic, historian, believes that this map is like a game of "Risk" and that border only change around us.

- Borders around Yugoslavia were reshaped despite the Helsinki convention. This happened back in Nagorno-Karabakh, Ossetia, Abkhazia. Borders have been changed on Kosovo, and it can not be said for Macedonia because it doesn't exist as a functional country. Two entities are indifferent towards border changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is possible for Scotland to become independent and for Albania to change borders - he said.


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